Just got a V1 dual motor boosted board with a dead battery pack and I have some questions

The V1 boosted board has a dead battery pack. Many cells are below 1.00 voltage. There is no power until I plug it in and it’s blinking orange and red and I hear a little clicking sound coming from the front. . When I use a drill to turn the back wheels the light on the board turns solid red again. My question is if I can I solder in an external diy battery pack even though the main pack is dead? Will the BMA charge this new pack?

open every box dismantle every little piece and reassemble it all back together.

this whole external box that magically fits is newbie fantasy.

the question is does the BMS still work I don’t know how would I know?

Normally BMS’s are like 10 bucks but you better hope yours still works as boosteds tend to be integrated.

All and all best case scenario high quality cell swap is never a bad thing with on the shelf boards.