Just got my cyber monday order (enertion)

Lol I’m actually happy. Still waiting for the Raptor 2 though.

Oh yeah it came with the money clip. :slight_smile:


Got mine a few weeks back. No money clip. :cry:

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Yep, mine is here with money clip. UK

Duuuude. This reminded me that i should go nuts in the costumer chat for not sending my money clip! Thanks!!:yum:

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November 27 last year, no? …is a joke, right? …142 days of delivery delay!! That company should reimburse its costumers for such an outrage.

…meanwhile, somewhere in Fantasyland another victim awaiting delivery…



Never got the money clip even after opening a ticket about it @CarlCollins

A coin purse may be better right now :sweat_smile:


Noooooooo. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

I just fuked up one of my cyber monday focbox. gonna shove the money clip in it and see if that would fix it


Yeah. Replace the drv with the money clip and you’re good to go.


What is your email address?

DRV errors are user errors and only covered with Platinum Warranty only


Ummm thanks for rubbing it in? Pretty sure nothing I said mentioned that I expected a replacement


Man that sucks mike, I take it u are well equipped for these situations :grin:

In total I have 8 FocBoxes and way too many working boards. I’m just sad that one died when all I did was detect motor and gave it a few small throttle just to check direction. ESCapes from now on.

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Have you checked for faults in terminal window? Also PCB for any burn marks and damages?

Ya I got a couple boxes but am ready for next gen :nerd_face:

Yeah I posted here. The first post has the fault. A picture or the FocBox in at the bottom. Visually it doesn’t really look like anything blew.

It’s on its way to @ThermalM16 in Florida so he can check it out to see if DRV needs to be replaced.

Posted a comment on your post

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@CarlCollins what of the missing money clips? Why is it that some got and others did not?

Well it seems everyone got their loot before me, I guess that’s good news.

I wonder if this pack can do 80a… @barajabali have you had a look inside? xt60 on the business end.