Just had an epic bail

I guess going 30-45mph down a hill, not being a pro. None of us downhill then… :confused: I just do it for fun.

Every hobby I’ve gotten into races it just burns me out

  • autox
  • drone racing
  • cycling/marathons Etc

I always end up easing out of racing, because I’m not competitive, I just like a good time and hanging.


Yeah my local skate scene died (escarpment surfers / onterrible longboarding forum) years ago.

I raced IGSA, as much as a 16yo kid could.

Also Patrick Switzer signed my face so…


Totally fine, shoes were good, kneepads were good.

I did this like dozens and dozens of times before anything wore out.

Problem with sliding on kneepads is if you do this downhilling or in a corner youd be carrying a lot of speed into a wall or guardrail… which is definitely not a good thing.


@zpoole27 I think you actually accelerated after you came off your board… beat the crap outta my desert slide for distance…


yeah I hear you bro but… competition is like the apple to adam & eve to me… can’t help myself… trying to scale back/find ways… skateboard safer than motorcycle? lower speed? safer than the level I was racing at in the velodrome…

I’m prob. fooling myself, half the reason I did the seachange, I don’t like to loose… ever (I did years on the velodrome, never lost a race).

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I don’t like to lose either. My issue was I was trying to race and organize events, because no one else would step up to organize and my head not fully being into your own race.

So I step back, and race with myself, push myself on my own. It’s nice


yeah I hear you, it became a toll on my body, it took me 40 hours a week training to stay in front of the kids, I went back to uni, studied sport science (after chemistry science), got qualified under the AWA (Australian Weight Lifting Association (coach)) to sharpen my power & speed development through olympic lifting… it was unending… but not sustainable for my body in my 30’s… Transferred lots I learnt to a mate I coached to a big fight in London 2012.

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rock n roll is sooooooo 80’s!

now we magic mike it these days and slide toward da ladies while “pony” is playing!!

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Honestly man I am equally exited as I am scarred :wink:

Next stop is transilv. 30% max slope. You reach 100+km/h standing up. Tucked 120+. We will see how hyped I am about the whole idea after that one :smile:

Ye he is such a nice dude. We were so lucky he choose switzerland and our city as his new hub. Weekly sessions with him and slide jams helped me out a ton.


i’d double or triple like this comment if I could

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Its nice to see hes still shredding. Definitely one of the best riders and such a genuine guy. ES for life!

Greener pastures is a great little film. Its crazy to believe he started on the same hills in my hometown. Seems like he fully bought in after having a taste of those swiss alps.

You should ask him abour sydenham or valley road. He’d definitely have a nostalgic moment.

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Alright I will. Will get back to you with his antics about it.

His skill and precision is still crazy! Genuine Inspiration.

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I feel bad for the kid who got smacked in the shins from the board

also glad accrobrandons ok