Just one Zippy 4000 mAh 10s: good idea?

Hello all,

I’m creating my shopping list for my first build. I’ve seen that the Zippy 10s 4000 mAh batteries are on sale. That’s 148 Wh of energy in just one pack, which seems enough for my intended light usage. However, I’d like to know if it’s advised to use just one pack:

  • is 25C continuous (100 Amps) enough for a one motor belt driven setup?
  • is it practical to have just one battery?


i have 2x5s3ah20c in series, mono belt drive. it gave me 6km of range, climbs 13º/23% incline but with huge sag and super slow speed. so for me it’s not enough. if you have hills, buy 2 or 3 of those.


you need dual motors.


Having a single battery is fine. After all its 10 cells tapped together. It would be the same as 5x2s packs but with more tape in between. On the other hand, 4A is very low. And 25C is another very low. So you are mixing two very lows together to get a huge low XD. Don’t expect that pack to honour its theoretical 100A discharge without puffing like it just visited an all you can eat buffet


Can you please explain? I don’t see the relation (yet). less amperage draw?

it’s 150 Wh, so using the theoretical 10Wh/km (is this still valid?) I should be able to reach 15 km. Take 10km range to be safe, which would be enough for my light usage goal.

One low is ok. Two lows is not that good. If you are fine with 4A at least try to upp the 25C to prevent voltage sag

I would get two of those and wire them in parallel for better range

The only problem is they are very big, so not sure if my idea would work without customization of the lipo cells.

If you’re not planning to use a BMS, you’ll have to find a 10S balance charger, more expensive and maybe harder to find.

Two of those is a good idea. One of those, not so much.

There are bad reviews for the Item like

“Nice batteries, but there isn’t 4000 mAh. I can discharge only about 3200-3500 mAh. So, the price can be cheaper” so beware and how will you change them I know its possible but how?

mm - i got barely 4.5km with 6s 5000mAh lipo. I weigh 90kg and the gearing was not probably efficent - im currently making a 2wd board that should go a lot further than that. Also i made diy 18650 packs giving me a 12s12p 35Ah (6x 6s4p packs) - it can take me much further on a mountainboard. A lot is dependant of the drivers height and weight when it comes to range. I think i would get max 6km out of your batteries on my old setup… :smiley:

interesting info! Which gearing did you use? I weigh 75 kg and I’m 1,81m tall, so I hope I’ll get some more km for each precious Wh :slight_smile:

That weigh will get you a good result - i dont remember the gearing but 6s with a 280kv motor on 98mm wheels got me up to 30-35km/h. It was a small motor that got pretty toasty after some fast runs. I have figured that i can get over 5km if i drive eco mode - that means not so fast accelerations and never going full speed. Also breaking slowly can also make a difference depending on the esc used :smiley: