Just ordered an Evolve GTX Bamboo - need advice (update: canceled my Evolve Order)

Dear Members

I was thinking about ordering a GTX All Terrain for quite some time now. Yesterday I pulled the trigger and ordered one as it was off 10% and you can’t get it cheaper than that in Europe I guess.

I already have a pretty strong DIY Longboard but needed one to go into the forest - a no brainer one stop solution and I thought the Evolve GTX might be a good idea.

I seen some posts that for some people the Remote doesn’t work all the time but I am hoping that with the newest shipped units those problems get less. Also I could imagine that it might be more of a problem in Crowded cities with lots of bluetooth and other signals.

So what I would really love to know is:

  • If you own a GTX - what do you love about it?
  • What do you hate about it ?!
  • What was the most extreme terrain you have been with your board at ?
  • Which mods would you recommend ?

Also it says it’s water splash resistant, I don’t plan do go through rain but would also like to know to which degree short rain bursts might affect the board ?

Thanks for your time, Patrick

gday Patrick

couple things

evolve batteries are shit

build an electric mountain board


thanks for your input matt. However I already bought the GTX and I wanted to try one out of the box board for once. I don’t really need crazy mileage… just up the mountain a couple of kilometers and down shouldn’t be the big issue. The range of the GTX doesn’t seem so bad by looking at all the reviews, but I will know once the board arrives mid of next week :slight_smile:

well, this is a sad moment.

you could’ve always made a 12s2p or something and had like 8km range and still had a better board than an evolve so yeah…

i look forward to seeing you wanting to upgrade everything on your board in future :blush:

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I think they are really good. I had some problems with my remote but nothing really that bad, even though they ended up giving me a new one.

I’ll just put this here Screenshot_20190315-214946_Chrome


yes matt I got your point - but you are going a little bit over board with your attitude. So please go to another thread if you don’t have anything proper to say… I’ll just put this here: image


Thanks for your comment. I hope the remote issues have been fixed with the newest revisions. When did you buy yours ?

My thoughts in bold. For a few hundred euro more you could build a true mountainboard.


Thanks for the comments. Yes you might be right - but I would have to test if it will hold up to my expectations.

If not then I can still decide to go the Mountainboard DIY route - however I don’t have the time to plan and build anything at the moment that’s why I chose a prebuilt one to see how it goes

I think i may of got one of the first boards with an r2 remote. they had not started selling them yet on the store if i recall correctly. i have not had any problems at all with the new remote they sent me. The people at Evolve Australia are very nice and willing to help with any problems i have had.

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Did you every try to go up steep hills with gravel etc. ?

yea sorry bud I’m not here to be told how to speak. didn’t look to insult you. im simply stating a fact that over time the battery will sag terribly, and for a similar price point you could have the satisfaction of riding something you proudly built.

and in the politest way possible, I’ve been here a fair bit longer than you so please don’t tell me im going overboard with my attitude

thank you

I’d only bother using the All-terrain wheels even though i have the 2-in-1. On gravel hills with a full battery in GT mode you should not have any problems with power, just traction!

Ah I see… so the longer you are on a forum - the less respect you have to show to other people only asking for some opinions about their brand new investment. So yes continue pushing other people down if it gives you an edge. Have a nice day


:joy: where have i been disrespectful buddy please share

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literally just stating facts. next time I’ll coat them in daisies.



Like I said - I might have reacted to the things you stated basically saying:

  • your investment is shit - you will soon see that it sucks
  • This forum is esk8.builders - build your own board or gtfo
  • That you are looking forward on seeing me fail with my GTX (and admiting you have been right)

So if you think that I on my side was a little bit overreacting to your kind recommendaitons. Then I am sorry.

I will just admit now that I spend 1650 € on something that totally sucks and you are right. So now we can move on.


@mmaner can we please close this. this is ridiculous

Ok I see. How is the braking ? Does the evolve have some kind of ABS ?