Just reached the checkout on NKON.nl and now I'm back to deciding what to do about batteries

The price is about 50% more in the UK given that there is VAT + seemingly higher rates for cells compared to the ru site. Which means it might not be best to go with a DIY battery in the end. My initial plan was to make a 10s4p battery with 25r cells (yes I’ve read up on the voltage sag, I still think it was a good deal) but now that it costs way more to do that I feel like it may be worthwhile going back to 5s lipo packs in series. I don’t really know. Anyone have any recommendations?

Don’t want to end up buying something then regretting it. Really would like something with around 300Wh instead of 180Wh.

Did you check the price on fogstar?


Yeah it’s even more expensive there. Nkons global site has the best prices by far from what I’ve seen.

Because they don’t charge vat

It’s more than just vat (20%) pre shipping the price difference on 25r is $88 euros to $127 euros Ru to EU. That’s 45% more. Also their pricing makes it so that 48 cells costs more than 50 which sucks if you want to go 12s4p.

Ok… I don’t know why you made a thread about this. Just ask it in the noob questions thread…

There’s not much you can do… you pay the price they set.

I didn’t even know there was such a thread, I’d have thought it would make sense to pin that.

Yeah this forum doesn’t pin much stuff

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  1. get 30Q cells instead of 25r
  2. pay whatever nkon is charging you as they are the cheapest and most reliable source
  3. be happy about your proper battery pack that would cost upwards of 300€ if premade. Keep in mind that building a battery is roughly a day’s worth of work to get everything right.
  4. DIY is not to save money - you can buy a cheap Chinese board if you want to cheap out. DIY is only valid if you want something better than the Chinese boards - so make up your mind what you actually want.
  1. You’ll probably toast a cell or two so get extras

You can even get 3% discount at nkon using my calculator.


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Make a thread about that calc


Thanks, I’m waiting for someone to check if my English is a bit correct on the site. Before creating a thread. Feel free to reach out to me to give me a hand :D?

Theres not much wrong, it is just numbers afterall. On the donate page you spelt appreciate wrong.

But no one cares about spelling :joy:

Your English is good

Fixed it :smiley: I’ll create a thread right away.