Just starting out

Does anyone know where to find any books, published papers, websites, etc. specifically for starting your first build? I would like to learn more about gear ratios, different batteries and the basic layout of the board.

Just a couple things I found real quick.




As for the basic layout of the board, look through the builds on this forum.


This site should contain what you’re looking for if you search around and read a bunch.

Thanks for the useful information. I think the second discussion is confusing because 18650 have better energy per weight ratio than Lipos. for example, Samsung 25R is 214 Wh/kg, and Turnigy lipo cell is 148 Wh/kg. from my experience, 18650 are also lighter than Lipo in reality. for example, 10s4p space cell pro4 is 190 Wh/kg, and Floureon 4s Lipo is 150 Wh/kg.




Makes sense, I just quickly googled articles about batteries and gearing… Didn’t really proofread… :grin: