Just thinking (Silva Mounts)... What if?

I know there is a thread for sketches just like this one, but I thought that perhaps this will be a good idea.

I always see how everybody tries to install this large motors behind the narrow space between motor mounts due to the short width of most trucks, originaly designed for traditional skateboards. Yesterday I did this sketch. What do you think of this “Silva Mounts”?

Is this a feasible concept? Could anybody replicate such a design? Drawbacks? Advantages? How about the double belt concept? Protruding motor Mount? Is this possible?

That is a cool design, possibly really good for customization with gearing. The thing is that that there are 4 belts that can break (More points of failure). If you really want more space, just use a reverse mount from torque boards. Really cool design though, people just need to reduce the prices of belts.

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Props for drawing. This way it won’t be so stealthy

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you’re introducing unnecessary complexity into a system that’d already proven, and most importantly, simple.

just outside mount your motors

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boom use chains

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I’m not sure what problem it solves…

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I can see it completely removing the need for idlers. And also slamming two huge motors onto a narrower truck…

Other than that, introducing complexity is never a good idea.

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this is essentially a two stage gearbox. the shaft in the middle if not properly supported, will fail


I like belts. I was thinking if we could add maybe three more in there it would be perfect. And it would balance the tension on that transfer column to have belts pulling from all sides.


What you really want is this motor mount though!!

Wheel pulleys and belts mounted laterally.

For those 63125 dual motor setups you always dreamt of on standard calibers… :joy::joy::joy:


…je…je… Somthg like that …ja…ja!! :laughing:

Yeah…complexity… but what else is more complex than a simple 50’s era truck that was only meant originally to slide a wooden board and 4 urethane wheels with corresponding bearings…and today we are adding wheel pulleys, motor pulleys, motor mounts, motors, belts, double bushings, idlers and dozen more washers, nuts and bolts (??)

What complexity are we talking here if we already got an over-complexed system beyond its original design? Come onnnn? Really? 'Am just proposing to add perhaps two more elements to an already over-complexed system and the dang thing keeps growing and growing with the hobby every single day.

They were wooden wheels originally… Thane didn’t exist I don’t think…

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Yeah, you maybe right, but got my general idea? Complexity?? …the thing just went super complex few years ago!!

Thanks, man. Dont pretend to shake our world. Just my 5 cents.

Yeah I get you.

Think about this… A mount, solidly mounted to the truck, but it’s in two parts, a little bit like the Enertion mount. It pivots on the top centre bolt, and has a tension spring in the bottom, pulling the two parts together. The outrunner is mounted with the can wheel-side, (so opposite to how we normally mount it), covered in a high grip rubber material. It’s being pulled on to the wheel and when you accelerate, the outrunner runs on the outside of the wheel, rolling it thus propelling you along… Huh?

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That sounds great!! Could you draw a sketch to better understand the point?

Muy idea was basically to get a larger gap inside both mounts so se can mount larger motors despite the shorts distance offered by modern skateboard trucks (which normally are no more than 180 mm in lenght)

I could but I’m in bed right now! (UK) Lol

I’ll SketchUp something tomorrow…


True. Chains are great but expensive.

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Not in the UK they’re not, they’re cheaper than blets!

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