Kaly 2.0 Demo rides March Schedules and events


Hey guys, this is more for those who are not active on social media such FB and Instagram and are out of the loop regarding the @Kaly Kaly 2.0 and Kaly 50 demo rides. about 2 weeks ago I started demo rides in Boston area for folks to check on the stiff and medium flex decks. Due to the severe storm we had only few dry days without ice and snow covered roads so those were usually packed back to back with riders that wanted to experience the new board. The DC crew is planning another demo rides in Washington Sunday 3/17/19 @ Bishop and not just Kaly but other brands too… Come say hi and test the boards. I won’t be able to be there because of my work shifted due to the weather and car problems but if you want to go Erwin and Anibal or even Ernesto should be available. After this I believe the plan is to ship few boards to West coast and have our Western friends to try it out. The production is on the way and those who ordered boards first should be getting them soon. 53287745_10156270467811733_3189757264529457152_o

I like to share with you all what I have seen so far and What I have experienced with the people that came to demos

  1. is that many of them never stood on similar type of board… In fact 3 girls that came did downhill but didn’t even know that there any mountainboards and were bit of scared of the boards … Not even by how it rides but the beefy look. I was happy to see people outside our community trying to get involved and become part of our community

  2. Another thing was that while some coming from consumer market boards expected that it would be just like their other electric longboard… These are direct gear driven boards and the power is right there… Not just for acceleration but also during breaking.

  3. about 8 people told me that they are very pleased with the racing concave because it lets the feet to be fully locked in. Initially some folks were really curious if it’s going to bite in the feet but most said it’s really comfortable even to the point that are actually really surprised with the outcome. I prefer the cruising concave as my intentions are always go as many miles as possible but people with shoe size 9-10.5 actually loved that more aggressive concave .

  4. easy to pick on… this is probably the most interesting… I have been skateboarding for 36 years or so… some downhill, slalom races and last couple of years all sorts of eskate but for some reason I always thought this is very narrow field of interest. In fact most of us Esk8 people talk to each other every day and we are surrounded by the similar thinking breed of people… however during the demo I had 4 people that have never even stood on skateboard… one only skied and snowboard before several time and one did onewheel for couple years… they all picked up very quickly… So while I always thought this is more intermediate to harder to learn board I was pleasantly surprised I was wrong.

  5. more and more… I made the group rides for about 20 minutes… around Charles River in Boston… which is nice and flat and doesn’t have that many people due to the cold outside. Except maybe 3 people most wanted to ride more and ask if they could come again when it’s a bit warmer and mostly dry . Some of the rides we did were on snow leftovers and ice so obviously it had to be slow but I really wanted all to be able to experience the carving features of the concave decks

  6. let them enjoy it… this is maybe a bit personal one… I have asked people to sign liability waiver, especially those that I have never seen riding boards. While some wanted to to go around 15 mph and were happy with it some go to mid 30’s on it but I didn’t want to push the agenda like car dealer. You come to test board, enjoy it and if you have questions I’m happy to answer them if I have the answers. I would give an advice to other folks that doing demos or ambassadors… sometimes data and history is not that relevant from the feeling to flow… Few riders that came will never buy the board and that’s totally fine… I’m glad they tried something new… if it grows on them, awesome… if not… well it’s fine too

if you want to try the boards out and are in New England area, pm me while I have it before they go on demo tour to other area

Thanks for reading cheers :call_me_hand::panda_face:


See you guys next week! Heading up with the fast guys!

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I won’t be there sadly… all my shoots have been cancelled this week and tomorrow for next week but have fun

Always, lol. All good we will make another trip in the summer!