KALY.NYC 2.0 All Black Everything!

What’s up! So like I said would bring you guys the photos of the complete package once I met with the captain himself @Kaly. Here I bring you the Triple Black Package. This weekend we were out in DC for a group ride so I managed to snap a couple of photos. Enjoy!

IMG_0521 IMG_0524 IMG_0525 IMG_0528 IMG_0529 IMG_0532 IMG_0533 *


Damn that’s a sexy looking board


For sure it is!

So sick. So black. Like a stealth uphill bomber. Really digging that deck and those wheels.

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Super nice. Subjective, but all it needs now is bindings.


I came hard


you ruined all the black now…


Sick build ! Mad look, and so classy at the same time !!

I love it :+1:

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Now if you want to make all black something, you may have a issue lol.

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That’s what Kaly brings to the table. Always classy with quality.

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… pause? Lol, nah all good!

Yes… and no. Your feet are pretty locked in with this design.

Put some fat back wheels on it and it will become dis: transferir


That’s the only that can compete with that board lol

I know their boards are pretty much super customization, but what range and top speed are people usually getting with these boards? Id guess like 25-45 miles and 30mph ish top speed?

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@Kaly gives you real specs not no china specs with a 110 lbs person. Specs are a person that is 210 lbs riding through NYC can get 23-26 miles. And that’s real world miles not no (riding at 18 mph) miles. And top speed is around 40+.

But remember no is riding at a constant 40+ mph everywhere so you’ll get mostly that mileage all the time. Can’t wait to get my hands on that XL75+ V2.

Sometimes I ride on 2 wheels to get around a corner :rofl:


I don’t blame you LOL