Kaly.nyc for sale London uk

Selling my Kaly.nyc built August 17 ridden twice a week for fun I would guess it has 1000 miles , comes with 3 different sets of tyres all AT , a spare set of pulleys and belts for street wheels , freebord bindings and 4 amp charger range is about 10 miles in fast mode , more in eco or with street but as I never used either I can’t tell you , it used to get 15 miles range when new , 12s4p Samsung 30q , 62/16 AT set up , 40/16 street , dual 190kv 6374 , speed 32+ (I have only been brave enough to do 32 it is advertised to go faster but I am not sure if it does / not brave enough to try ) very very fast acceleration in fast mode and the sensors are not connected and I have never tried to connect them . Reluctant sale . image image image image the pink scooter/lacroix/baby in the photos are not included in the sale , £1200 , collection is very much preferred Kingston upon Thames London , may consider postage at your cost but as board weighs 28 pounds plus all the bits that come with it the cost might be expensive .


@B-b-q-tom I am interested but not so much in the battery with all its cycles.

Would you sell board without battery at discounted price?

Selling as a whole only I would be interested in keeping the bindings and tyres for a discount , make an offer you never know but I’ve only just listed this

I’ll see what reactions this post gets. No doubt some kid in London will pick it up and make his day. Its a really good deal as it stands but I live in Devon and have only just scrimped a tight budget for a second esk8 :joy::+1:


Kids, the bane of esk8

Price drop ! Gonna try and generate a bit of interest £1100 and if I keep the bindings and black tyres I will knock another £100 off

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I’d be interested in wheels, pulleys and board if you did ever break it down for part sales

Would be a shame to break it , set up is to good to dismantle , I will keep that as an option but for now it’s going to be as a complete

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Agreed. No need to part out such a desirable rig.

And @Fraserrazor that’s only like 50 cycles. Nothing wrong with those batteries! Plenty of life left!


this is a steal! Someone will pick it up soon :slight_smile:

Is this still available? and any interest in international sale?

Sorry dude it’s been sold