Kaly nyc xl 2.0 binding question

I’m just curious if anyone has any experience or words of wisdom regarding the addition of bindings to the kaly nyc xl 2.0. I know the addition of the wings/flaps to the deck helps lock the foot in. I’m also aware that the battery in the bottom mounted enclosure is not totally conducent to hard off road/AT trail riding. However I’m curious about adding bindings for light trail riding and improved maneuverability / carving. Ive been considering the freebord binding of course, as well as trampa and MBS and I’m leaning towards the MBS. Let me know what you guys think!

There was a guy over at ItsElectric Paris who had freeboard bindings on his. Seemed to work well. Here’s a video from his channel.


@hyperIon1 is putting bindings on my Kaly deck… I havnt seen it either but it’s possible aparently :sob::wink:

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Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

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Is the installation difficult?

The decks are made from Wolverine’s bones, so drilling requires some forethought and dedication.

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I wouldn’t think so, for someone who is skilled at that type of thing.

Something to be mindful of is the battery pack and the mounting hardware of the bindings. My battery (12s7p) would have been too large, and rubbed against the mounting hardware. To fix this, the mounting hardware will be sunk into the deck.


Ah makes sense. I kind of figured it would require a little more than a simple drill hole. I haven’t received my board yet so it’s hard to access the challenges I’ll face.

Hahaha wolverine bone. Any adamantium I’ll have to drill through as well? @DerelictRobot

All mountainboard decks I’ve come across have large, countersunk holes on the bottom of the deck so the hardware sits flush in the deck and doesn’t short your battery out.

Nuts go on top side of deck.

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that was me , yeah I dropped the enclosure and drilled the board ,


Anything I should be aware of besides sinking the screws? I’m a bit of a novice. Any advice would be sooo appreciated :slight_smile:

Have you spoken to @Kaly?


I will be doing this with an MBS DW2 deck, mbs f5 bindings, and an hs11 bottom enclosure. Still going to put tape over the countersunk bolt heads to prevent scratching.

When you drop the enclosure you will find the motor wires are quite short I didn’t bother removing back truck but it will make drilling easier , I was advised by a friend to put glue in the holes so as not to risk splitting the deck but I didn’t bother and it didn’t split apart from that it’s a piece of piss lol

Ya I’ve briefly talked to him about it but I know he’s a busy dude and it’s not easy to get ahold of him. He basically said bindings aren’t needed and that was the extent of the convo. I trust his opinion, however, I really want a board with bindings for trail riding. Nothing mental that would warrant moving the battery to a box on top of the deck though.

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Thanks for the advice!! That definitely helps.

@venom121212 I’ll definitely tape the hardware.

Well Yes Ernesto is correct , we don’t really need bindings , I rode for a bit without them and it’s perfectly rideable without them , its more of a personal preference thing . On a different subject though , if you are considering buying those kaly light holders , buy them before board is shipped and ask him if he will fit them because they are an absolute bastard to install without scratching the hell out of your trucks

How did you measure your drill holes? I see you marked them with orange. Did you place the bindings on the top of the deck where they felt good then drill down from top to bottom, then flip the deck for the counter sink?

Oh thanks for the heads up!! I was actually considering buying them at a later date.

Ya I definitely think bindings are a personal preference with the new kaly decks. I’ve been snowboarding since I was 4yr old, so having a board strapped to my feet isn’t a new sensation. However falling on asphalt or dirt while locked into a board is definitely a different story haha. Those freebords definitely have me curious. Do they handle the weight of the board well or are they a bit too flexy?

My deck had them drilled out.

I did do a rough diagram for someone though.