Kegel orangatang wheels

Hey guys, im trying to make this my new wheel of choice instead of clone abec 11 wheels, BUT DIY seems to be the only one to sell a drive pulley and its 40 bucks a piece, and i have dual drive.

Any one have any cheaper options?


VEX robotics sell a cheap 42T plastic HTD5 pulley you might be able to modify to fit your wheels. Some people in the e-board community have ordered them but I haven’t seen any results.

Alien also has an option for Kegels.

I use them on my pneumatic wheels. They are solid. I like them every bit as much as metal and they are adjustable between 9 and 15mm belts.

thanks for the options guys, ill prob go with @torqueboards after a little more research. I usually would buy pulleys from and drill them but im so bad at getting them perfectly center :frowning:

If you have access to a 3d printer, there are plenty of pulleys for Kegels on thingiverse. Although, they don’t last as long.

got a link? ive found one and its 9mm

I made adapters for them, you can check my build thread, they let u use a regular pulley. I would print them up for u if u cover the shipping

youre a good man @JLabs

Haha, just helping someone who helped me. Let me know what length u want

I don’t use kegels but I’m sure @t1m0007 will appreciate it

Oh sorry just realized this thread is 5 months old… woops…

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Sorry for any confusion dudes. Do you have the stl file I could have? I’ve got access to a printer. 12mm?

I’ve made a few with Taulman Nylon Alloy

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Wouldn’t wanna bring up an old topic (sorry), but evolve has some good pulleys