Kegel pulley options

Working on my second build, and I’m using orangatang Kegals. I really like the green inner part of the wheel, and the Torqueboards retainer covers it. Is there anyway to maybe just use some nuts that screw into the holes?

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pretty sure these are push on

Thanks for the response, @Colson003 I thought about those, but I want something where the retainer doesn’t cover the green core of the wheel.

@mynamesmatt This was what I was looking for, thanks! Are there any other ones that are cheaper?

They are both pushfit

Thanks man didn’t notice that :slight_smile:

Just to check. What truck are you using? @Kug3lis pulley will only fit a longer axel like tb218 and @JLabs will fit a standard 10" hanger like caliber 2s

I’m using the standard TB trucks

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I’m still a little bit confused about the push in pulleys, do they just sit in those holes really tight?

My pulleys snap in, and don’t slop around. The load of the Pulley is transferred through the integrated bearing, so it dosnt ever move. This way you don’t see the Pulley from the outside of the wheel, and you can change tooth counts very easily. (I am referencing my pulleys here).

@JLabs Thanks so much! Will definitely be using your pulleys, expect and order soon :smile: