Kegel Wheel pulley options?

I got this pulley that bolts on to the wheel.

It’s not bad, but it’s been kind of a pain trying to get it perfectly centered. also if I get it too tight the wheel starts to bulge on the gear side.

Are there any other gear options for the kegel wheels? I found this from Evolve, but not sure it will work with my setup.


If you’re in Europe you got, and

It might just be that you’re over tightening it though. I had to fiddle a bit to get my pulley centered as well. It didn’t need as much force as I thought it would.

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I’ve just fitted a kegel pulley from the EU group buy. There was a group buy with similar items in the US I think the files were from junior potato. It is excellent, but possibly along the same lines as the one you got.

Thanks for the replies. I finger tightened the bolts and tried throwing it backwards on my truck to allow it center up better. Seems to have helped quite a bit. Think I’m gonna loc-tite these bolts in though.

Pm Idea I bought 2 sets of these from him very well priced too and comes with all the required screws to fit it

I think your trucks are assembled up side down… Not sure but in my trucks I can see the logo of caliber instead “TEN”:sunglasses:

Thanks! Fixed. Luckily I only threw them together to see how they fit.

Unik’s smart series pulley?

He’s about to order a small production run so get in before he places the order.