Kegel wheels EU (Used)

As I dont have a good/sterdy drill stand, I failed drilling in my wheels. Now my pully isn’t perfect centered. Is there perhaps anyone in europe who is selling some used Orangatang kegel wheels ?

There are some new ones available on the EU esk8 market, also some Enertion power wheels are available.

Who’s operating that shop? Is it just a link to and enertion shop or … ? So orders from there shouldn’t be viable for import taxes in the EU ?

thanks, sadly “Out of stock” already on the kegels…

It is not or Enertion. The eSk8 Market is a multi vendor marketplace, so there are different sellers selling different products. All of the sellers are from the EU on the EU version of the market, so they should be applicable to import duties. (I admin the website and sells on it, alongside other various sellers).

@ikjahaa the Enertion power wheels will get the same thing done

So import duties or not? Your answer is kind of biased.

Yeah import duties - just depends on the sellers location and where u live

It depends on where you are located and where the seller is located. If you are from the same country that there should not be any import duties. I am not an expert Europe’s import duties

Well basically if both parties are in the EU, that would mean no import duties… Hence the advantage of starting an EU shop. So now I’m confused…

Anyway @Skitzor What happened to your Kegels?

Oh shit nvm not even your kegels

@ikjahaa What happened to your kegels aha

I don’t have them yet, my current wheels dont have any spokes. So i tried to drill the wholes for the pulley. I even got a drill stand for it (some old one my grandpa had laying around). Sadly my drillbit moved like 1 or 2 mm, and now my pulley isnt 100% centered.

So now i’d prefer to buy a set of wheels with spokes. Currenly looking into some clones, which i could get for about 27$ but i’m scared of the import duties, already paid like 100$ just on import duties for my current build… :confused:

Oh damn unlucky - what country are you from?


Oh i wish i could help you out but i am from the UK

Ok, so then there are no import duties if you purchase through the EU esk8 market. All of the sellers on the EU market are from the EU so no matter who you buy from there are no import duties