Kick Tail Decks like Evolve One

Hey all. Anyone know if it’s possible to get just the deck from the Evolve One board? If not, any recommendations for similarly shaped kicktail decks?

Yes, just write an e-mail to them asking to buy the deck separately. If they ask you why or if you own an Evolve board, just invent some bullshit like yours is starting to crack and getting super dirty so you want to have it look fresh again or something like that.


Check out They might have a similar deck.

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Super Glider by Earthwing is the only one that come across my mind :confused: But it is a stiff deck…

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Damn that looks pretty sweet but they don’t make it anymore

Nah :confused: You are right :frowning:

Edit: Maybe here?

Yea, I saw the one too. Not really crazy about that particular design though. I can’t seem to find any other versions.

Also don’t know if that is the 4 ply or 5 ply version

Yea :confused: You can also buy a normal pintail like deck with kicktail and cut the corners to your desired shape :slight_smile: Or DIY :wink:

Yea, I am going to be cutting the board in half and making a bunch of other mods to it anyway, so im just trying to find one thats closest to what im going to need.