Kid Build thoughts and some rambling

Love it. Epic build. Here is my little maniac

ok that makes sense, I was worried about torque being to high even with a reduced erpm

OK please be gentle if this plan is crap but what about obstructing the upper end of the throttle leaver travel on the remote with some epoxy? Each Christmas you carve a little bigger piece out again with a box cutter.

My godchild just turned 3 and much to the parents dismay, I’ll have to introduce her to eskating at some stage.

Don’t do this, it will just put all of the acceleration at the bottom of the throttle.

hmmm so ERPM for top speed, but what would be the best way to mellow out torque in settings?

Lower the Amps, it should make it accelerate slower. If you lower the torque, but leave the erpm, it will still get up to higher speeds, it will just take longer for the torque of the motor to slowly build up speed. So, limit both, and i think it will be perfect.


The metr app comes with 3 default settings (motor max amps) 10A for beginner/slow mode 30A for intermediate and 50A for fast mode. 10A is really a crawl but depending on his weight the ride experience will change since it’s less torque to accelerate a smaller mass but I’d probably guess 15A or maybe even 30A is good (I’m most comfortable personally at 30A for regular cruising)

lot of good advice here.

Definitely the best thing to do is drop the motor amps waaaay down then work them back up. That’s pretty much all it would take ona VESC build. Even something like Ru could be configured for a small child in that way.

This is Ru.

not exactly kid friendly with a top end somewhere around 37-38mph. But if i dropped those motor amps to like 10 i’ll bet simon could handle the throttle for a few minutes in slow mode. and not fall too hard. May even have to drop the startup boost but likely not by much.

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rockin the same maytech remotes you use (love the thumb throttle) but have only been able to ride on slow mode. every time I put it on fast mode if I accelerate or brake decently hard the remote loses connection momentarily then reconnects. doesn’t happen on slow mode

that sounds like it has more to do with something tripping in your motor controllers. Whatever it is, it sounds irritating.

So this made me actually think of something else: Is there any way I can quickly and kind of secretly make my board only go 6kph max?

This might save my ass, riding around GER and being caught by cops…

like through an app or by pulling a plug that only leaves it with 2s1p or something?

thats exactly whats @Ackmaniac s app is able to do


it’s annoying as fuck. Especially when I manage to accelerate but hit the brakes and they instantly cut out…

my settings aren’t even crazy, not conservative but not insane. I’ll post some screenshots later but these are what I can remember: 60a Motor Max -60a Motor Min 35a Batt Max. -12a Batt. Min i’m fuckin confused

how big is your pack? Try these settings and see what happens:

50a Motor Max -40a Motor Min 45a Batt Max. -8a Batt. Min

i’ve got a 10s6p that should capable of 80a cont. Bypassed for discharge. i’ll try those a bit later when i’m not in school

IT sounds to me like the ESC is faulting a bit on hard acceleration (which goes both ways), so this may help mitigate that. It’s actually kind of rare for a receiver to just start acting stupid like that. ITs more likely a conflict between settings and power draw.

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yea that’s what i’m thinking too. I really gotta grab a micro usb extension so i don’t have to keep taking my enclosure off… whatever, I gotta fill it with some more foam before I ride again anyway

I think im officially an idiot. I did the PPM detection in low-power mode…

Means when I switch to high-power, the ppm signal is waaaaaay over the max pulsewidth it’s set to. Its currently dark and about 22 degrees out but ill try it out when I get a chance (probably tomorrow)


don’t drink too heavy man i’ve done worse lol


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