Kid Build thoughts and some rambling

Hey guys, I just ordered a slew of stuff from all the Black Friday discounts and have a direction question.

One of the boards I am building is for my wee lad, Jackson. He is just a little guy, loves to ride boards, weighs nothing, and I want to build him something in the 13 MPH range.

I am going to do something on a land yachtz Dinghy (28.5 x 8.5).

This isn’t a build post, just a general question. The board, “Secret Zooma” is going to be built with a FOCBOX, besides setting these parameters, How should I go about limiting the speed? , should I do a smaller battery (6s or 8s), or use a lower kv motor in conjunction with 10s?

Here is why I wonder… I am also doing some other 10s and 12s builds (no build threads yet… soon :grin:), and am also doing this “Kid Build.”

I feel like it might be easier to have everything working off 10s (like some other builds I am about to start working on) with a lower (thinking APS 130kv) In order to limit speed. This way I can use one charger with other 10s builds I want to do instead of also buying an 8s charger.

But then again, if I build an 8s battery with low gearing a d 190kv motor, I could potentially upgrade his board later possibly a bit easier.

Damn you beer, I am rambling!!!

Bottom Line At the End:

10s3p 130 kv 6355 single 14/36 gearing 83mm wheels


8s4p 190kv 6355 single 14/36 gearing 83mm wheels

For my 7 year olds board, “Secret Zooma”


I know it is essentially a high voltage vs higher amp question, but am wondering if anyone has any experience building quality stuff for their little ones. I want it to be good enough for the random full brown layman “grown up” to hop on as well…

You could just limit the ERPM, then as he gets older/skill increases just bump it up a bit until he’s at the normal erpm of the setup. So 10s and 190kv, but limited to 20k erpm (just throwing numbers out there)


Using the metr module (or during regular configuration) you can limit the amperage which limits the torque and acceleration but doesn’t limit the top-end so you’ll have to limit that based on voltage or KV. Advantage with the module being you can change modes from your phone for more experienced riders.

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Not familiar with metr module, I will be sure to search that. Torque control is the main thing, He rides the boosted and knows when to back off, but as a bamboo, his dexterity for throttle control isn’t quite where ours is… yet.

So will that just limit top end or actual torque curve also?

Not sure, i haven’t tried it.

Is that just a regular Bluetooth module that is some third party app compatible? Seems like it off my 7 minute inquiry… I ordered 4 BT modules from @JLabs and I believe I should be able to do some things from there to control torque and top speed, but I am really wondering what would be best from a design/efficiency perspective I suppose. I have yet to use a VESC (Sooo excited to get started!) and am still a bit unfamiliar on what my range of control will be… maybe on this sort of build it really won’t matter.

AKA, both batteries and motor config will be so much more than capable of what I am asking them to do, it just won’t matter… In that case, I would go 10s39 so I don’t need to buy a separate charger.

Am I missing anything here? @longhairedboy what build does your little man ride?

Can see the metr app official site here:

The app itself is free and basically getting some money back for development through the sale of the module with the connector ready to plug and play from what I gather. I don’t think it’s a special bluetooth module really but might be flashed ahead of time with some configuration values that aren’t defaults you can maybe check with roman thread here on the module and updates:

Main point of the app and module is for capturing trips/data there’s also this site now where you can share results:

(not affiliated with any of this nor are they related except working together data wise)

Ultimately you can limit the amperage on the motor max amps just using the regular USB connection too the app just adds the convenience of swipe to change config without hooking up USB.

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You can also do the same things @wafflejock mentioned with my module paired with the free android app. It allsow you to change tops speeds, limit amperage, and map the ppm values (Ackmaniac)

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That was my plan (and why I snagged 4 at the redonkulous Black Friday price) :muscle::muscle::muscle:

BTW, where the hell is my Spud, dick! :rofl::rofl:


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Did you order one? Once I have a tracking number (this week) they will be back on my site if you haven’t all ready.


oh yeah, grabbed 4 brohawn, you already shipped them out!

Wait a minute… am I missing something?

Nope, just a joke…

Ohhh haha… I’m slow :laughing:

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I use the eSkate VESC app on iOS. You can change the eRpm limits from your phone through the hm10 Bluetooth module really easily. Kids run on 10s3p limited to 15 mph. It works great

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He’s still in training, only 3 years old. So he rides on my board with me up front and i’m teaching him how to stance.

HE’ll be on a tuned down ArcBoards mod with a popscicle deck within 6 months in full pads and helmets at the basketball court learning to control his throttle and carve. More than likely this exact board with far more conservative VESC settings and a new maytech remote in slow mode.

After the basics comes trail riding, then the larger more powerful boards to graduate to. Alsthough its a lot more amusing to see him with this board, because its just not fucking practical, or even ridable, at all.


Awesome! I kbow that penny build is a hellcat, but couldnt you tone it down in the VESC, like a lot, and make it workish for him? Or would that be to far out of operating parameters to get it to a reasonable state?

when i say its unridable, i mean it makes me want to order a solid gold abec clone pulley from Shapeways and award it to anyone who can stay on it for more than 10 minutes in my neighborhood. I was seriously joking about making that board some kind of give-a-way contest obstacle.

its not only meme worthy, its probably deadly. The deck is flexible plastic, the wheels are too big, and its a single drive with almost no wheel base to speak of. The wheels are shit from amazon in a durometer that just bounces all over the street and never gets traction.

Arcboards did a very proper penny that is ridable and kind of amazing. This is so far from that… i mean damn. But it looks so cute with Simon.


This or limit PPM values so that full throttle acceleration is not 100% duty cycle.

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