King in the North - Uphill freeride and race - 31. Aug. - 1. Sept

Become King in the North - Uphill Electric Skatebording.

The yearly downhill event in Denmark are now accommodating Uphill Electric Skateboarding.

Get your ass to Denmark and take part in two days of laid back freeride and/or competitive uphill racing - as it suits you best.

The hill are open for both freeride and racing both days. We will accommodate and enjoy both, and crown the first King in the North uphill electric skateborder

The track is 1.5 km long and is 16% at the steepest part. If your battery can handle it you are guaranteed 20 runs each day.

We will blend with the downhillers and enjoy a great weekend of skating.

You can take part in two ways.

  1. Full ticket which grants access to the entire event and facilities (closed road, crew with corner marshals, bus up and down, toilets, camping, and registration).
  2. Volunteer - Work one day - get one day of skating.

Tickets (80€) here:

Safety: Full face, kneepads, elbowpads and gloves.

Ticket sales are final. Refunds are only given if the organisation cancels the event. The event runs regardless of the weather.

Any questions just ask me.

Officiel facebook event site:


The King in The North is BACK for our 5th year!

Last year’s most laid back freeride/race event is back, with another guaranteed 20 runs each day!

Format Lay down and Standup

Saturday: Freeride and/or Race to quali

Sunday: Warm Up and Race - early eliminations and non-racer’s can freeride all day untill the Open semi’s.

Danish Champs, Lay down classes also included.


80 euro



The same spot as last year, right at the beach at bottom of the track on the fjord, across from the pancake house! After-skate swim anyone!? (Seriously, bring a swimsuit!)

Free Shit

T-SHIRT! For riders and more for volunteers!


Not provided

Safety requirements

Race: leather, full face helmet, gloves, and shoes.

Freeride: (Leather recommended) Full face, Kneepads, gloves, and shoes.

Volunteers Needed

Direct message us and we’d love to put you to work!

Free skate gear or 1 free day of skating for those who help!


Year 3 raw run 2017:

Year 2 raw run 2016:

Year 1 edit 2015:

Year 1 Raw Run 2015:


I think i’ll be there! sounds fun!

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I’m definitely interested.

Checking on transportation later to leave from The Netherlands.

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Same here.

Quick question: Are there enough charge spots for the esk8es?

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@SynteX @sayekim it would be awesome if you could find your way here. The downhillers are exited to have us and are really helpful. It should be an easy drive for you guys S this is in Jutland. Which is easier and shorter to drive to than Copenhagen. Charge spots: I know there is an ice cream kiosk at the bottom at the hill where the camping will be and there is a hotel right next to the start / finish at the top of the hill. They should have some electricity for us. I will make sure we have charge options one way or another. If you do sign up write me so I have an idea how many eskaters we will be.

Team Netherlands represent haha.

If I find some more people from the Netherlands I’ll come for sure.

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Screw it I’m coming even if I have to come alone haha. I’ll buy a ticket as soon as I’m home.

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I think I’ll be there. Need to figure out transport and days off first then I’ll know for sure.

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It doesn’t look like many others will be joining. Any indication how many have signed up already?

Jahh people are hesitant. Think that it is only me until now doing the eboard thing. There are a bunch here that don’t really know - they will be here either watching or riding. But hey… this is a too good of an opportunity to pass. I will be there if its only me and the downhillers having the uphill by my self and share the downhill with the downhillers :slight_smile: But let’s see. The event (also the downhill) have only official for 12 days.

It does seem that most are hesitant because of the word “race”. But the organizers stress that this is just as most a freeride event, where skaters are enjoying the hill together. Some are hesitant because they dont have a board they think would be able to climb the hill. It does require a board that have some sort of power.

Well for most dutchies out here the price of €80 is just too steep to justify the travel for this. And also indeed most would not be interested to race and rather just free ride.

I’d love to race uphill and yes €80 is a lot but I’d do it anyway.

Yes I know 80€ is more than we normally pay for events. Unfortunately I don’t have any saying about the price. It’s been dictated by the downhillers. When I do track racing in the winter I pay 35€ for an hour on the track. Here I get full two days on the hill. It would be awesome if you came. Let’s see if we can get some traction so others will join. Daniel from @LazyRolling used to live in the in the town where the hill is. Hopefully he will make Lazyrolling represented at the also. Also last year when I wrote bioboards (@mackann) they said that they would come to Denmark showing off their boards in a race when I organised one. So Bioboards… it’s now. Get a jockey and a board to the hill :wink:


I’ll be there aswell for sure. How long are the tickets open for sale?

They have not decided completely yet. But they say 1-3 days before. So cool you are coming. More people are starting to show their interest

I’m coming down for the whole weekend :call_me_hand:


We have all the charging in the world secured. Its out in the middel of the forrest but I have us covered.

I’m no longer attending. Decided to treat to wife and I on a well deserved vacay.

Looking forward to seeing some footage though.