Kingfisher Drive (Project dead, at least for now.)

Here is my current planned design for a nice looking functional 50-63mm motor mount.


12mm%20ISO%20FULL This is the cover and pulley for 12mm ^ 15mm%20ISO%20FULL This is the cover and pulley for 15mm ^ MOUNT%20ISO%20REAR%20FULL




22mm Idler for fantastic tooth wrap. Functions for both 12 and 15mm belt.

3d printable motor cover.

Fits Paris and CaliberII trucks.

Pulley Sizing

Motor Pulley: Maximum pulley size: 20T HTD 5M Maximum 17mm thick for 12mm belt Maximum 20mm thick for 15mm belt

Maximum wheel pulley size: 40T HTD 5M Maximum 29mm thick for 15mm belt (from bearing face including speed ring to face of pulley) Maximum 26mm thick for 12mm belt (from bearing face including speed ring to face of pulley)

*This depends on your wheel pulley combo, whether it’s center / off set etc. This dimension is important.

Motor Sizing

Maximum Can Lengths:

12mm belt with 184mm Caliber: 59mm long 15mm belt with 184mm Caliber: 56mm long

12mm belt with 215mm Caliber: 74.5mm long 15mm belt with 215mm Caliber: 71.5mm long

12mm belt with 180mm Paris: 57mm long 15mm belt with 180mm Paris: 54mm long

12mm belt with 195mm Paris: 64.5mm long 15mm belt with 195mm Paris: 61.5mm long

Maximum Can Width:

50-65mm supported. 30-38mm hole pattern supported.

Wheel Sizing

Fits anything up to 107mm flywheels

Non standard hardware? (doesn’t match above)

You can still use this mount, but it will affect the maximum size of motor that you can use.

The following maximums cannot be changed: Motor pulley thickness Max pulley tooth count Max wheel size

The following maximums can be changed: Bearing to wheel pulley face distance

How does the above affect maximum motor size?

However much your wheel pulley is over the spec will decrease your maximum motor size.

Here’s an example: I’m running 215mm Caliber trucks. I want to use 15mm belt. The spec says that my wheel pulley to face distance must be 29mm thick. My pulley is actually 32mm thick.

Thus: Actual maximum motor size = (71.5mm + (29mm - 32mm)) = 68.5mm

Similarly, the maximum motor size can increase if your pulley width is shorter.

For example, with the same setup except with a 28mm thick pulley: Actual maximum motor size = (71.5mm + (29mm - 26mm)) = 74.5mm


I currently haven’t done all of the calculations. But as of now the maximum length belt that could be needed is 66T for a 20T 40T pulley setup. This accounts for the idler.

Confirmed matching parts: (you can use these and it will definitely fit) Pulleys: motor and wheel pulleys Wheels N/A Suspected matching parts: (you can use these and it will probably fit) Pulleys: @dickyho 's motor and wheel pulleys robotdigg 12mm pulley (must use 15mm cover) Wheels Abec style core wheels


Would you do enertion clone mounts? Everybody loves their design



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Following, never hurts to have another option.

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That’s the idea, to have something similar to that. But I think this will be an improvement in looks and function.


Following this.

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Would be dope if it could fit tb218 and not just caliber. Looks fresh dawg :smiley:

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I’ll offer two or possibly more lengths of standoff.

I’m aware of TB 218MM, Paris 195mm, Paris 180mm. What other lengths of caliber profile hangers are there?

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Subscribed and willing tester :grin::grin::grin:

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Definitely looking for testers!

I don’t have access to caliber trucks or belts of varying sizes, so it will help greatly to have testers willing to find out recommended belt lengths, especially if I include an idler (which is a possibility, trying to have the motor plate be flippable L R.)


Interested for sure. @Grozniy From what i understand the enertion mount is very pricey to have produced which is why even though the files are available to anyone nobody has bothered with it. To make it viable people I have talked to would only do a huge MOQ @TowerCrisis I’m a little stuck in my ways and when I find something that works I tend to stick with it so if you want someone to test out the mount on the caliber/tb profile then I’m your man

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Looking to change out the diy trucks and mounts to calibers and budget mounts on my Riptide R1. These would be great. 63xx & 50xx motors ?


I hava both caliber and Paris setups. Also about to have TB218s in hand as well.

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Something else worth considering is a motor plate that fits the standard evolve dkp trucks to enable 63 mm motors. With the cross members and idlers you would have some interest there for sure. So many people are tuning the evolve platform right now because with some diy magic they turn into a weapon.

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I stand corrected Miami electric have them


I’m not familiar with the evolve setup. What kind of hanger profile and how does it attach?

I have 2 Brand new Miami Electric mounts I’m selling, I purchased 4 for my 4wd set up only to realize they don’t work with my enclosure. I’m keeping 2 mounts for my other DIY board and selling 2.

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Has a built in mount as you can see but the standard plate is just the 50mm version. They are a really nice carvy truck though and wide enough for 63mm.

The best way would be to get a mount to fit on the front truck then you’d have some adjustability and the profile is nice and square but ti does taper somewhat.

My buddy has 2 different Evolve 63mm mounts they both suffer from the same problem, there are only 3 screws that hold the plate in place and the extra weight from his 6374s makes the plates sag over time. Imo best way to make an evolve plate is with a fixed position so that the plate cannot move down over time.

Make a clamp that also utilises the mount holes.