KingPin trucks adapter

hi i want to buy this pack : but i dont know if i can put this , with this motor mount : i belive that can work with paris adapter , but i’m not sure . can you say me your experiance with this ?

Why not just get calibers and easily accessible mounts.

for the budget . I just start , with nothing . And i’m french , in my country all is more expenssive of 20% . If you paid 600$ , for me it’s 720$ ,here

Ahh ok that makes sense. I’m in the US so I don’t think about all of that stuff.

@Djawho I’ve recently used these trucks in another build: And I needed to adjust the motor mount because of the middle rib in the trucks. I imagine this would be the issue in your case as well.

Ooo ok i go to look this , thx . And in use , they are stable ? not wobble or problems ?

No complaints other than that.

wow nice your work ! 3d print is cool.

My mounts fit those trucks,

@Djawho get in contact with @psychotiller if you need motor mounts as well.