Knee pad advice please

I got some tsg force V for Xmas and they are far too bulky for me to use for e-skate.

Can anyone recommend any of the pads on this website so that I can exchange for something more useful.


I wanna buy the POC ones, but that’s the motorcyclist, anyone used POC gear?

Loads and loads of POC helmet use but nothing else randomly. Helmets are nice if that helps?

Which knee pads do you use when you’re working on your boyfriend Alan?


I like to go in raw and come out smiling, how do you go about it Bent? #getbrent


I’m so good I don’t need the pads. It’s all over in 14 seconds and we have an 11 second cuddle in that period too


I’ve got the POC Joint VPD 2.0 Knee and I’m perfectly happy to recommend them. The impact protection is second to none. This test shows how they compare to some of the competition. Note how low the residual impact force is (‘maximale restkraft’ in German) compared to the others. That was the clincher for me.

Comfort-wise, no complaints. They’re quite heavy in the hand but when you’re wearing them, you’re not conscious of them at all. They’ve got a grippy silicone inner to stop them slipping around so they stay in place. The one thing I would’ve liked to have seen is a zip so that you can put them on/off without taking your shoes off, but that’s a minor thing.

If you can find them, go for the DH (downhill) versions. I couldn’t find them anywhere. They’re essentially the same but they’ve got a hard plastic outer so that you slide instead of gripping and rolling.


Downhill seems like a better option for the speeds on esk8 too, gripping during a tumble can really mess you up.

my personal favourite: old school…and you can easily wear em over your trousers without having to take off your shoes.

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Imo buy something that’s easy to put on and take off this will make you wear them more often. If they are involved or a pain in the arse to put on then you will find any excuse not to wear them.

I use Fox Launch knee/shin pads and they are not bully and easy to put on. I’ve fallen multiple times and they are a bit beat up now but still on perfect functionally.


That, and that you actually like wearing. If you feel like a proper twat wearing tight bulky pads strapped over your baggy jeans, you probably won’t wear them.


That is exactly the problem with the tsg V’s… far too twatty.

I use the Triple Eight knee pads Plenty of flexibility and protection. Once you fall on your knees with small shitty knee pads you will want something bigger and better.

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I’m wearing them as we speak.


POC off you are too

I’ve been considering


Anyone have any experience with Leatt?

When riding an electric skateboard falling is unavoidable. Indeed, even exceptionally experienced riders tumbled off their electric skateboard here and there. That said wearing fair protective stuff makes e-boarding protected and fun even after a fall. That is the reason a decent pair of knee pads should be a fundamental piece of any rider’s equipment. Visit knee pad guide, they will train you all you require to think about appropriate knee pads for electric skating.