Know your history!

Do you ride an electric skateboard? Do you wanna ride an electric skateboard? If so, welcome to SKATEBOARDING! , Don’t worry though, skateboarding has a long heritage and history of being rad…be it longboards, electric, pennys, freestyle, pools and the flippy trick guys who make fun of electrics even. No worries, plenty of forms of skateboarding have been made fun of in the past, most of them later prized, it comes in cycles.

It’s all skateboarding to me, it’s all the same…how much do you know about the history of skateboarding and where all these genres and forms came from? If you care, here’s some homework…it pays to know your history, it tells us how we got here, and helps direct us where to go too…


Most important adition !!

LoL…I remember when those stripe T-shirts where the thing…


I’m riding an electric 30 year anniversary Steve Caballero reissue Animal Chin deck, also happened to be my very first skateboard back in the early 80’s

for anyone who’s seen Animal Chin will enjoy the rebuilt ramp from 2016


Anyone here watch Gleaming the Cube in the late 80’s that was the movie that got me skateboarding.


Ah yes didn’t a teenaged tony hawk claim in that movie they burnt down a house just so they could skate the pool in the back yard? Great film

Gleaming in the cube and Thrashin, both classics, I watched them over and over…

And if you want the exact deck used in the movie Thrashin by the daggers, here it is:

The skateboarding stunts in Gleaming the Cube were coordinated by Stacy Peralta (as 2nd Unit Director & Technical Advisor) and chiefly performed by the legendary team of pro skaters he managed, known as the Bones Brigade (Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero & Rodney Mullen), some of whom additionally had minor character roles within the film (and also did the stunt work for Police Academy 4).

Christian Slater’s character, Brian Kelly, was mostly stunt doubled by Mike McGill, with Rodney Mullen handling close-up freestyle skating.

Other skateboarders performing in the film – who were either associated with the Bones Brigade or rode for other professional skateboard teams - were Natas Kaupas, Eric Dressen, Mike Vallely, Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski, Steve Saiz, Rich Dunlop, Chris Borst, Chris Black and Ted Ehr.

People actually make replicas of the deck in Gleaming the Cube, check this one out!

Let us not forget these other honorable mentions for great skateboard content in movies which spread the gospel of shredding…

And omg, I totally forgot about this one, this needs to be remembered too…


you also missed a bones vid - these were my youtube as kid lol

and all this VHS quality reminded me of the Bones guys in Police Academy 4

Also a nice addtion, not sure if you can find it somewhere at full length:

Edit: found this one streaming

totally rad and rare look at some unseen history from the dudes who invented it…

Glad to see some Natas in this thread. I thought he had the coolest style. Really brought the olly into skateboarding. One of the grandfathers of street skating. IMO…

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My hallway likes Natas…


I’ve decided we can be friends. :heart_eyes: Your hallway seems like the start of my dream mancave. I love how this forum is where skate nerds find their internet home.

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When modern skateboarders get a blast from the past: