Koowheel 5500 mAh battery

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what amps these batteries can output? I can’t find it anywhere online.

About 30a. Re-wire it so the bms is charge only and you can pull much more. Additionally, strong brakes with a vesc or even a diyeboard esc will cause the bms to shutdown and leave you brake-less. So there’s another reason to bypass it.

30a seems…fine I guess?

When I rewire it, how much do you estimate?

I’m thinking of buying this battery off someone here on the forums for quite cheap. Otherwise i’ll be getting 10s4p samsung 30q probably.

I was pulling close to 50a, maybe a peak of 60a. Really I just did it to fix the brakes.

How can these batteries output that much current?

Even samsung 30q can do like 20amps.

I suppose you greatly reduce battery lifetime when pulling that many amps.

oh yes, it sagged quite badly. It’s a 10s 2p, so rated at 40a ish, but you can always trade battery longevity for power. It was a spare pack anyway so I don’t mind destroying it a bit.

I would recommend either buying or building your own battery pack, if you go light on the throttle, it should last a few months. If you are using a vesc, just set your max amps to 30 and you’ll be a bit slow, but fine.

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If you didn’t already now. CarvOn WAS originally going to use the KW batteries in their EXO, due to the bad performance over time, they are now planning to have Psychotiller make 10s3p packs and enclosure. This is what it looks like. Maybe you can go this route as well?


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hey mike. do you by any chance have a picture of the esc connector? are you guys sticking to the d-sub 2w2 connector or changing to a xt60?

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