Koowheel controller modulation


Does anyone know modulation of this remote? I just bought if fot my DIY project, and can´t find this information. Need to know, because of reciever.


Why would we know electrical stuff about a chinese eboard, this is a builders forum. Your best shot would be to ask koowheel, or to buy a better remote with a dedicated reciever.

My response must be way to late but: The Koowheel remote is connecting to the Koowheel motherboard. You cannot take this off unless you want to risk destroying your motherboard.

How you can destroy motherboard by connecting remote? :joy: it’s just will not connect together, that’s the worst scenario

I think he ment that the part that receives the signal of the remote and creates a PWM signal from it (The receiver), isn’t detachable from the main motherboard. Incase you wanted to do that, I assume.