Koowheel hubs dry run


Not even on flat? Doesn’t prove if they even work. Urethane slippage and torque are the main concerns with hubs and this doesn’t even provide any proof that they work.

check out their other vids on instagram https://www.instagram.com/koowheelboards/

Like @onloop likes to say. Cruising on flat is easy. Going up hills is the main challenge for hub motors. Especially since they have no gearing.

The wheels spin … That’s awesome

Checked their website. They are claiming 21mph and 21 mile range with 2 500w motors and a 10s 4400mah battery. I can’t figure out how they got 21mph and 21 mile range with that setup. Unless, They did all the testing going downhill. or on a test rig with no rider.

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http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words-use-pm/2992/420?u=jrpwit Koowheelboards made their account only 20 hours ago and posted some pics just now.

We have tested it so many times and it’s too easy to up to 40kmh.And we use 20pcs original Samsung 18650 cells,30km range is regular performance.

25% uphill is no problem. It’s a powerful monster actually i have to say.

Your performance claims are very hard to believe. Perhaps you could provide some video proof of your claims. Spinning the wheels with the board upside down means nothing. How about a video of someone riding the board with a hand held gps speedometer How about a video of someone rinding up a 25% grade


I agree 25% on hubs, even in dual, is hard to believe

well I’m still waiting for the “powerful monster” to leave the factory and ship to me. No1 got one yet and last time I checked the agent on Ali said that they would need another month for the hubs, so it’s probably not gonna arrive before winter.

I got 23mph on mine! I’m 6’ 195lbs. No, you dont get 20 miles more like 12-15. I also got up a 30% grade soap box derby hill! Its a good board. There are issues but I am working with them on it.

What are the issues you are having?

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Can you do a video of your claims?

The remote loses signal really quick but does come back if I hold it really close to my leg or if I hold my finger over the front. I think it has to do with the 2.4 GHz antenna and interference from my body. I tested it several times and if I hold the remote away from my leg like behind my back to the side or in the front I don’t have any interference issues.

KooWheel did send me a new remote and wheel screws free of charge and it’s supposed to get here today. The UPS tracking number said it shipped only four days ago so that is very quick shipping from China.

Also some of the little screws that screw in the wheel plate to the motor hub sheared off but they did fix that issue by upgrading to stainless steel screws and using Loctite. I just got a slightly older version with the black anodized screws.


I am uploading the video to Youtube now

I look forward to the link :slight_smile:

Here it is! Sorry for the video quality/shakiness (I was holding the Phantom remote, GoPro and my KooWheel remote haha). I didnt think anyone else would ever see this video haha. I was mainly just seeing if the board could make it! It was definitely not able to climb at full speed but it made it either way! I am 6’ and weigh 195lbs so I figure that’s pretty solid for this board at this price point!

Oh and I went up the hill 3 times! and going down was just as good with the brakes I just coasted down very slow.


Here is a picture of the Hill!