Koowheel. Replacement parts

Hi guys,

i am pretty new in the e skating topic. I would like to buy a Koowheel but i dont have too much trust for this brand. I would like to ask if anybody knows where i can get replacement parts for this board? For example if one motor will die could you point me how to buy replacement for that? Thank you.


Roberto here from PET London. We have been selling Koowheel for a year now, Koowheel board is going through a mayor upgrade and it will be ready by the end of May. There is more info in the product page.

We are expecting replacements and parts next week if you are interested.


Hi guys!

New generation and new name KOOBOARD! A totally new board fine tuned from the D3m version with tons of improvements, arriving to us by the end of September. We have been waiting 3 months for this to happen!!

More info: https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-skateboard/koowheel-electric-skateboard-dual-hub-motor/

New connectors of battery avoid connecting issue

The new program will protect the battery from over charged by regenerative braking.

Ergonomic design, Excellent soft touch

New PCB, NO disconnection issue

Smoother Acceleration & Braking

Lights & vibration to remind power & connection

New DC Charger port, easy & friendly

New solid PCB housing to avoid broke

New connector between PCB & Motors

350W x 2 Motors with Replaceable PU wheels

Unique design will help motors cooling maximumly

Max Speed 42km/h

97MM Motors/Wheels

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Looks cool for the price love to try one out … .

Is that last picture with the hub motors accurate? Are 6 screws the only thing keeping the urethane on the motor. There doesn’t appear to be anything else keeping it locked in place and on the motor. All I could picture was that portion of the wheel with urethane coming off in a hard turn or from a good bump. That can’t be right can it?

Version 2 is now reality. But still nobody answered the question about the spare parts and service.

Hi Ron13,

Roberto here from PET London. We currently have 2nd gen PCB in stock and we are waiting for more replacements in the coming order. What are you looking for?

How works the service in case the board is not working? Do you sell spare parts, how is troubleshooting done?

Hi Ron13

Koowheel offers 2 years EU warranty from their Germany warehouse free of charge including the shipping, usually the process take 7-10 days.

In our side we have accesories, spares and replacements for out of warranty claims. We are trying to get the service in house for UK but Koowheel preferred to keep all centralised from Germany. We will keep trying…:wink:

Ive send my koowheel 20 november, i am still waiting… i give them a deadline of they dont send my board before 15th of january. I will be not that Nice anymore… i get bad service from Tina from koowheel she does not respond. Very bad service
I bought my koowheel at voltaboards and even there they make me feel that they dont care…

I give them 2 weeks from now…

Dont buy koowheel !!! Just because of the service you get…

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Hey PETLondon. Im looking into making a franken build custom board. I was wondering if i can source some parts from you for the koowheel/genesis project I’m starting soon. :slight_smile: thanks!

What do you need? We just got fresh stock including replacements.

thats whats funny I’m looking for some really random parts. lol

I’m looking for an EMPTY enclosure and the rubber around it. as well as the battery cage with the rubber around it as well.

im trying to prototype something and dont want to use my current board for the parts since they will be destroyed in the process, and it will leave my board unusable.

Send me an email, sure about the battery cage and rubber

sent you an email to the ‘contact’ email! thanks!!

Hi I have 2 Koowheel and I do not advise these boards after 2 loads one has caught fire because a capacitor is desoldered with vibrations …

and the second starts one engine and blocks the 2nd. at first i was thinking of 1 faulty motor but by reversing the cables i found that the problem comes from the motherboard too.. The problem seems to be known because the new motherboard is better isolated. and as Koowheel’s Tina does not respond to my email the warranty is useless. the only solution left is to pay to fix the blow I am a little disappointed.

Would anyone know where I can get parts to repair a battery? I need to repair the plug part. The rest of the battery is just fine, it’s just the connector.

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be VERY careful with the polarity of these plugs when you solder, you actually can plug it in wrong because the trapezoid shape is not too well defined.



I marked mine to help visually not do that. I get sparks each time I connect to the newer koowheel vesc

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