Korea new a new product BAMBUG

I am a young man who lives in Korea. live in South korea.


There is a new product in our country. It is a totally different product from the previous one.

The name of this product is Bambug

I have a lot to introduce, but I will show you a video.


did heard the name Bambug before, not that often though, is esk8 popular in Korea btw?

yes it is one of the most famous brand in Korea now. evolve and bambug

now bambug recently, I even released a new product. E-skateboard. name is LS-1

Specs on the board?

do they have a forum for esk8 in Korea too?

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yes in korea have esk8 simillar site. https://cafe.naver.com/electriclongboard

It is the largest club in Korea.

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looks like something that would happen if MBS and Trampa had a hate baby



RM-1 mountain board(Middle version) RM-2 mountain board(high version)

LS-1 is skateboard(2018 New product)

:joy:sounds about right


  1. picture is New deck-Carbon
  2. It’s a comparative picture( wood vs carbon) carbon deck like that Trampa

looks slick

motor protector looks sick

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I have the feeling that something is missing. After so many pics of @LunarKim

Whats the price on one of these?

Is not Korean speed limited? 25km/h Among the Evolve GTX friends, Korea Evolve Ready said that it puts a curse on the speed limit.

That’s what I want the motor covers

It reads: @LunarKim, all over the place!! :yum::grin:

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That’s right. Korea has restrictions. 25km/h.