Kushboard Jr | Jet Spud Single Drive | 10S3P 30Q | 6374 190kv | TB Motor & VESC

Hey everyone. Thanks for all the help i got with building my first DIY board, the Kushboard.

I’m back again with another build as my Leafboard, a $299 kickstarter priced board has broken down after 9 months of heavy use (daily). Yea, i tried. The support team didn’t help much either so i figured it’s time.

Okay, what do i have on the table? I’m pretty much building this new build as a work commute, so it needs to fulfill some requirements.

Short deck Light-ish weight…? Big wheels for smoother ride Single drive for less weight

But those requirements may change as i progress. In fact, i think i might have turned this into a pretty strong monster (for me at least)

The Jet Spud!

And together with it are Caliber gold trucks and 97mm Abec Reflys

No grip tape yet, that’ll come later.

Installing the pulley, As i’m going for a 10S3p, the top speed will probably be around 40km/h or so. Hence i went with a 44T 15mm pulley. I have a 14T and 16T motor pulley so i will be playing around with the gearing ratios. Any gear experts able to advise on the difference between 14/16T? I know that 14 will have a lower top speed and 16 for a higher top speed. What will the torque performance be like?

The inner diameter of the pulley was hitting the truck a bit, so i hooked it onto a metal lathe and turned down the diameter by less than 1mm.

Installing the clamp

Then comes the motor arm

The motor, and everything else!

Hey i know, it’s messy alright. Battery pack was done, made by a local builder who did the other battery pack for my first build.

Some soldering.

I purchased the Jet Spud enclosure from @Eboosted, and after staring it for a long time it seems that the long enclosure will mean that there will not be enough room for a ‘traditional’ mount.

Hence i’ve reversed it. I’ll wait till the enclosure arrives then i’ll put it together and see if i can accommodate.

More to come soon! Awaiting the enclosure, anti spark switch and battery percentage indicator.


Nice we’re baiscally building the same build. What antispark switch are you going to get?

Edit: and what bearings are those :eyes:

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Are you sure the enclosure won’t fit with inner motor position? I thing it might, this week you will get your enclosure and you could test yourself

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These bearings http://www.skatemob.com/destructo-sendai-bearings

I’m using this anti spark switch https://lunacycle.com/remote-on-off-solid-state-switch/

Either i stack a buncha risers more for extra clearance, or reverse mount it. I’d prefer the latter!

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Great Men that you also went for the Spud. You are gonna love it. As short deck it’s almost perfect. The only improvement would have been a usable kicktail. Looking forward to see how it turns out!

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Yea I’m really liking the look of the deck with the black Abecs. It’s like a monster truck! Imagine if I went with 107s. I didn’t because that’ll increase the top speed even more and I don’t want to go that fast.

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I would reccomend you to go away from “skate” bearings and just use a quality brand like SKF or something

hey do any of you guys know how to build a 10sp2 with a bms that 5 accross and 2 high like this

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I can speak from my experience. My hub drives goes 40kmh and I feel pretty stable on the spud, even with quite loose trucks for better carving. I agree that on a short board it’s already quite fast :laughing:

So the other day i met up with @ervinelin because i wanted to get a remote from him. It’s a modified version of the mini remote and surprise surprise, he lives just 10 floors above me. Do check out his remote build thread if you’d like to DIY one!

We met up downstairs the carpark and got a chance to test his remote as well as his board.

In other news, my power switch came in and everything is here, except the enclosure.

Here comes the crazy part, i wanted to cut the wires from the battery shorter, and after cutting the red wire, no problem. But as i was cutting the black one halfway, i think the plier touched the red wire as well, and i guess the plier connected the two together and fireworks came out.

Shat my pants and ran out of the room. Lesson learnt, tape each wire you cut.

And its done! I rear mounted the motor again but i feel like it’s a really tight spot there, now to wait for the enclosure!


Enclosure arrived! Here i’m cutting and drilling the holes for the charging port, power switch and battery % indicator.





Barely able to fit. Maybe i shouldn’t have wired the batteries like that.


Unfortunately i wasn’t able to mount the motor in front as the mount was long and would hit the enclosure. I had to reverse mount it, no biggie. 20180616_002800

Now the problem is that the mount is already angled as best as it can, but the motor is too low to the ground. A speed bump would eat it up. I’m going to get a longer mount and have it custom CNCed so it can be angled a lot more so it’s nearer to the deck. 20180616_002817

Other than that, i assembled everything together and it’s done!, well once i get the custom motor arm that is. Here’s how the ‘almost’ final product is, the Kushboard Jr. 35519206_1286443691488511_390470088358100992_n







For now, i’ll ride it on flat ground only, i used the gradient calculator app and it could only go 15 degree before the mount touches the ground. Oh well.


Nice! @Eboosted 's enclosure is really low porfile, love it! He mounted the motor in front, but I think he used a custom one or TB motor mount. Other than that let we know how it rides! Spud rules :sunglasses:

If your going to the effort of a custom mount, why not get a custom front facing mount? It would just need to be a bit shorter

It’s an idler mount hence there’s a need for some length.

Hey man!

Love the Kushboard, you need to use @torqueboars motor mounts for front facing mount, they won’t touch the enclosure and belts won’t skip.


And since it’s single motor you could run 20/25mm belts

New mount came, it has a longer length and the adjustment holes were rotated so i could angle the mount higher. To work! 20180630_231224

Much better.


I also printed a front riser out of TPU with 90% infill. Modified the model courtesy of @rey8801 to have a more rectangular nose.20180704_161237

Maybe it’s a bit too long :sweat_smile: 20180704_180830

The previous battery arrangement took up too much space so i got it rewired and also a smaller BMS at the top. Looks a lot better now and not cramped. 20180720_222906

Also changed the stock pivot cups to Riptide. Tbh i have not felt the difference from changing pivot cups. Bushings yes but pivot cups feel oddly similar despite changing em. 20180710_010342

So yea, that’s about it for the Kushboard Jr, what’s left is to get the DIY remote from Ervine set up and call it done! Currently i’m using a mini remote but i can’t wait to use the DIY one. 20180729_102733(0)


Really good man! Yeh you can short the riser pad few centimeters to make it more deck integrated.

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Time for an upgrade, or design change. My Jet spud deck’s paint started to crack and chip, so i stripped the paint and painted a new coat with car paint.


Also switched to 107mm Reflys 20181118_180021 20181118_191601

Think i’ll do some rearrangement on the inside as well.20181119_003128

Metallic green! 20181119_060333 20181119_230051

switched to XT60 connectors so it’s not so cramped. I also got a Flipsky 4.12 so i can run FOC.20181201_130708

In preparation for @nuttyjeff’s gear drive, i had to cut the hangar to fit the mount and bearings precisely. 20181205_192121 20181205_194555 20181205_212822 IMG_20181125_211221

I also stripped and repainted the enclosure with a 2 component truck bed liner spray for more durability. 20181209_221532 20181209_105010

More to come soon!