Kydex for battery/vesc enclosure in europe?

where can i buy kydex to make mybattery and vesc enclosure in europe ,cant find it i right width anywhere??help

Where are you from? check knife / gun / hobby stores. its very used as straps/holders for knives and guns. I found 30x60cm in sweden.

You want him to make his own kydex ( thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride ) :joy:

I think you miss understood his question. We all have these moments :slight_smile:

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Haha I read that wrong , thought it said where can I find an enclosure lol

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not sure what width to get

Depends on what size your enclosures gonna be I guess :slight_smile:

Ebay seems to be the place?

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mean the thickness of the kydex sheet

Mine was 2mm thick and that was enough for me atleast.

was it hard to work with? can get 1.8mm but tryna find 0.8mm as its suppose to be easy to mold

I used .125 and was very hard to work with , would recommend .80

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Not sure, I didnt have the proper equipment and my first one turned out pretty good tbh, just corners thats rough to get right. Took some patience however.

can get 1mm gunna buy that get 5 a3 pieces

I’m in the US, bought mine on EBay, looked to be vendors all over the world with it though

ended up buying a2 sheet of 2mm kydex t from the uk at an alright price

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Why kydex over fiberglass

iv never worked with fiberglass

Its really easy, check out my thread on how to do it, didn’t finish it yet but there are some pics

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having a read der some really interesting ideas get anywhere with the remote?

I dont understand you what do you mean?