L-faster motors good or trash?

These are the cheapest 6374s I found from l-Faster on Aliexpress.

US $49.14 21%OFF | 6374 Brushless Motor With Hall Sensor 3000W Electric Off Road Skateboard Engine M10 Motor Shaft 36V High Speed Electric Motor

Any thoughts on them, thinking of getting 4 for an awd…

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I can’t offer a review of that motor, sorry.

But I can offer some advice.

Buying the cheapest possible ‘thing’ you can find is often not such a good idea.

Especially with motors, Find a middle-price-range brand-name motor that has a business behind it that looks trustworthy has reviews etc.

The easiest way to make motors “cheaper” is by using less copper, smaller magnets, smaller stator & other cheaper materials. Like cheap bearings etc. All those items are critical to performance & should never be compromised to achieve a lower cost. You should simply buy a smaller 6354 motor that already has a lower cost.

Also note, Motors are extremely heavy for their size, which means sending them back for a repair etc. isn’t always viable due to the shipping costs. Especially for overseas vendors.

If possible buy your motor from a local vendor!


Fair enough. I was considering flypsky motors before I found these. Any thoughts on them?

Flipsky and Maytech are probably safe bets.

hubs are superior

How are your raptor ones holding up ?

man you tripping i got the picture off google

And haven’t tried the raptor hubs, amazing…

how are your belts holding up?

The occasional stone will break them, but if you have lots of breakdowns, your drivetrain is probably designed wrong. My question was actually legit … I own both if that was a question.

I have that motor on 1wd and it is pretty good i have a 170kv version and getting 50A max on a single motor.

You can get is cheaper if you just search 6374 motor

Update it is motor amp max 100 and max battery amp around 53

And you don’t have shares in L-Faster or work for the CEO? xD

TBH by simply looking at the pictures and comparing them to a reputable brand, it’s like something is not there, but I can’t exactly tell what.

I am probably not going to get them at the risk of not getting enough power for skimping on the most crucial part of the board.

I was initially hoping it was a brand that was known around and was ok to purchase but it doesn’t seem like it is.

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