LA Bluetooth module

Anyone in Los Angles that I can pick up a Bluetooth module from.

I can ship you one for $20

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I just need it for today type of thing that’s why I want to buy it today or not at all maybe another time if I cannot

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@thisguyhere you got any? You are close.

I got one but I’m in OC

How bad do you want one? I have one I could pull off my slave VESC. I’m in Santa Monica/Westwood area

yea I got some…you’ll have to wire it up yourself tho.

wait, so u just wanna borrow it? I don’t get why it’s tonight or nothing at all…

anyway, chinatown dtla, orange line stop.

$10 friend prices.

No I was planning on buying it , for the cause of using it only today clarification, I just wanted to see if anyone near by had one

imageI have one hm10 bluetooth module