LaCroix | 12s5p (21700 cells) | Unity + Trampa/Unik/MBS

Currently scoping components for my build, shopping list is as follows.

Cells/Deck/Motors already purchased

  1. LaCroix Deck and Enclosure
  2. 60x21700 cells
  3. Focbox Unity
  4. Trampa Super Hubs/Rims + 6.5’ tires/tubes
  5. Trampa 66T/15T gears/pulleys
  6. Alien Power Systems Remote
  7. MBS Matrix Pro II trucks
  8. Energus “tiny” smart bms
  9. Maytech 6374 Motors
  10. Other bits.

Not 100% sure i can squeeze in 60x21700 cells into the enclosure. I built a rough CAD model of the LaCroix enclosure based on information I had. It does look possible.


Thanks to @philvanzu for the inspiration…


You recieved your focbox unity??

@Arch said that 60 21700 were only test fitted. So it might work

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No, not yet, I suspect it will be some time, (first shipments, maybe at the end of the month?) but I need the Unity, as it is small and will enable me to squeeze in the extra row of cells.

The LaCroix deck is ordered, but that will not be shipped for a few more weeks anyway. i’m in no rush. Currently scoping out components.

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So just added the 5mm risers from e-toxx @Nowind to my build, (thanks for the advice @philvanzu). I did build my own CAD model for the MBS matrix pro riser, but couldn’t find anyone locally to 3d print in a tough enough material.


All items now purchased, except the BMS from energus, (not sure if that thing is overkill)

Now the long wait starts, as the components are shipped to me here in Perth, (gives my bank balance time to recover :slight_smile: )


Gday Adam, following.

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Trampa parts arrived today, rims/hubs look sweet


66t/15t pulleys, bearings, hubs, etc.



Alien power systems remote


Only 720mah battery, will have to source a slightly larger cell.


It has power for a long time, i usually dosent charge my controller for weeks. Only thing is no batt indicator

Guys but why 21700 cells? For now better ratio has 18650 Wh/kg then 21700. Also are more overpriced

Because he can


that’s why I do most builds the way I do :slight_smile:.


Because you can fit more Ah in the enclosure compartments !

more Ah = good!

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I can fit one row of cells in each compartment,

so options are

  • (12x18650)x6, Max Cell capacity is 3500Mah
  • (10x21700)x6, Max Cell capacity is 5000Mah

I’ll let you do the math, but it equates to roughly 16% more capacity opting for the 21700s. The larger cells also don’t degrade as quick as the 18650s. (=more charge cycles)

LaCroix offers a similar option, 60x18650 or 50x20700. The 20700 being a few hundred bucks more for similar reasons.

That should explain my choice.


You have right that are larger but you can put more 18650 then but in this shape you have right. The 21700 degradate the same as 18650, all depends on Amps.

The price is the biggest difference. How much you pay for 21700? Despite the fact you can buy Sanyo Ga for 2,99$, VTC6 for 3,19$ and VTC5A for 2,79$ is more valuable to build packs based on 18650

@silaczdotoalet, if you want to debate, 18650 vs 21700, then perhaps you should start a new thread.

You are correct that 18650s provide the best bang for buck, but that is because they are mass produced in far larger quantities than the 21700s

My build is not about saving $, it’s about building the best board I can. I have a limited amount of space in the enclosure and opting for the 21700 format enabled me to squeeze in the most capacity, (even if the cells were twice/three times the price! )

If opting for the 18650 would have given me more capacity, I would have used that format, as I did for my current board, (10s8p, 18650) image image


nice deck…which one is that?

It’s the landyachtz switchblade 40 (white), a great deck!


Motor mounts + bits from UNIK boards arrivedimage


Where did you get the evolve battery box spacer?