LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]

The boards looks very well made. And super cheap for guys who want to get a nice AT Deck. One suggestion would be to maybe offer an accessories kit with head lights and tail lights so people can use the board at night


Thanks for the feedback. For the lights, we’d like a simple, clean kit that connects to the vesc so the rear light responds to braking. We’re looking at some options, have not nailed the perfect one yet.


Hey Steve,

good question, I’ve edited the post to add this.

Deck weight ; 4.4lbs including seal, inserts and screws (w/o griptape). Enclosure weight ; 1.1 lbs.

Total; 5.5lbs.

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It’s a really beautiful deck. I’ve wanted to build an AT for a while but… cannot stand trampa decks due to lack of concave, and the flex patterns are made for jumping so they’re extra stiff.

Couple ??'s

  • Board comes gripless?
  • noticed you stated you had issues with trampa trucks, if so what trucks are you utilizing in your completes?
  • will there eventually be an option like the deck only option for $600~ but with trucks added to the package?(obviously at a higher price point)



Thx man.

Geez, you’d think after a post that long we’d have covered all the angles… lol. Good point, I’ve added this to the post - the board comes with a clear grip tape.

We are using MBS Matrix2 on our complete builds.

As for future option packages, it’s not in the plans right now but if there’s enough demand for it, who knows :wink:

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looks great, I like the smooth concave of the board! did you make the cf enclosure yourself or some professional factory production? I made an enclosure like that based on a trampa last year and with conventional layup it was really hard to get such sharp features - would be very interested in how you do that, cause Im working on a 12S7P cruiser with a segmented enclosure myself right now (not for sale, just for me)!


Hey no worries! Just didn’t know if the trucks you were using we’re custom or readily available!


I may be wrong…but it looks like they are using pre-preg carbon… Which is alot easier to layup…


Thanks man!

Our enclosures are made in a motorsports atelier that makes race cars. We managed to get them excited about our project and agreed to work with us. As @Deckoz mentionned, we indeed use prepreg twill carbon fiber and and obtain the smooth finish with a combination of vacuum bagging and autoclaving techniques.


Good job bro !


Montreal FTW


Might be nice to be able to get teh deck with the Trampa truck holes already done, once less thing to worry about or get wrong and little work for a tooled up outfit

There are many here who would only use Trampa trucks and so it’s not an edge case at all, mbs trucks are probably a minority

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As I’ve been very turned of by Trampa and their business practices/customer service lately, I’d rather not depend on Trampa for anything, making this a much more attractive choice. Obviously also these guys know their equipment, or so I’m guessing, and chose the best set up



I’d personally rather have MBS Matrix IIs anyways, easier to get parts for, more available from.skate shops, much stronger and proven for years in off road use.


514 knowmsayin!

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Thank you for your comments, if there is a need for us to pre-drill holes for the Trampa trucks, we will do it. Simply let us know when placing the order, we’ll be happy to accommodate you!


Agreed, much more stable at speeds too IMO.

This board looks sick!


Man, I wish I would have known about this a few months ago, prior to going down the road of a Trampa build. I may still look at this option instead as it seems a heck of a lot better suited to our needs. Congrats on the work done behind the scenes and for bringing a product such as this to us. Time for me to go and check out your website for more specific details…


Looks beautiful!

Can you tell me the internal dimensions of the 4 smaller pockets of the battery enclosure? I want to see if I can fit some 3d printed battery modules in them.