Lacroix DSS50+ Review (written and video)

Keep in mind I’m not a professional videographer or photographer, just an esk8 enthusiast trying to give more info to others. Summary at the bottom, and video review below:

Video review :

Photos of board here:

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I have ridden about 50 miles, I wanted to ride more before I get a review out but at the same time I wanted to get a review posted quickly for those who may be on the fence about ordering. Note that I weigh 140 lbs. All of the riding I do is on good quality tarmac which is exactly what this board is designed for, I save the bad roads for my onewheel. As usual I will review various categories highlighted in bold below.

Customer service: One of the main reasons I went with Lacroix is because of the team behind the board. Alex and Pat are true professionals. Alex recently quit his gig as a lawyer and is devoting all his time to the Lacroix board. From first contact he was extremely helpful (even though I sounded like I didn’t trust their shipping time estimates). @Arch is here, he is on the Facebook lacroix group, on reddit, and even on discord. Somehow he is able to keep up and reply in all those places while building boards for customers all day and getting them shipped out in 3-5 weeks. They have had zero delays and have gotten all their boards shipped out on time. This puts all other high end esk8 companies to shame. Unlike other esk8 companies, the guys at Lacroix made sure they had production and customer service figured out BEFORE they started selling boards. Bravo!

Shipping time: Excellent, shipped exactly when they said it would. I wonder how these guys will be able to keep up though, they had 400 or so orders at the time I ordered yet they still shipped boards out in time. As more people find out about them, they will get many orders and I have no doubt these guys will be in the 1000s. I would be truly impressed if they can keep up, however according to Alex the more orders they have the faster they can build since they can order parts in bulk and have larger quantities ready to go.

Build quality/Reliability: Fit and finish are A+. Everything was put together well and there was a lot of attention to detail. The build is simple, but the board and enclosure just exudes elegance. A a lot of thought has been put into the board and it has been made as light as possible. I would double check all screws to ensure they are tightened before every ride. The motor mounts are big and beefy, and mounted securely. Given all the parts are well known in the DIY community, I see this board as being reliable as long as you ride it how they recommend, on the streets. It is also important to do routine check ups on all screws and nuts, make sure your wheels are inflated to the proper PSI (I have mine at 40), and make sure your bless are aligned.

Range: They have two options for batteries, the 60 samsung 30q cells on the DSS60 for 666 Watt hours OR 50 Sanyo 20700 for 786 Watt hours. I chose the Sanyo for longer range, and if you can afford it go for that since the weight is the same. I usually ride the board from fully charged to dead, but I just could not do this on this board. You see after 30 miles of riding, my legs were literally about to collapse. So I’m not really sure about what the upper limit of range is, but I can say that at my weight I will never have to even think about range on this board. Do note that it takes about 4 hours to charge this board. I’ll update this section when I’m able to do a 100% to 0% drain in one try.

Wheel size/ride comfort: I am done with urethane wheels forever. These wheels are like riding a cloud, this is a sentiment shared by anyone who has tried a Lacroix board. The pneumatics combined with the amazing flex of the super wide Canadian maple/carbon fiber deck leads to the most comfortable esk8 rider EVER. It feels much safer to be on this board than any other esk8 with urethane wheels, no longer do I have to worry about little bumps or rocks.

Portability/size/weight: The board weighs 27.8 lbs on my scale, it’s no lightweight board. But you will never need to carry this given the insane range. You can roll the board like luggage though, I lift it up using the rear trucks and just roll it on the front wheels. Easier to do this than to carry the boosted I had. The deck is very wide, so this is not a board that you’d want to lift and carry though, so if portability is your main concern then look elsewhere.

Aesthetics: Excellent! The carbon fiber enclosure, the beautiful deck, the clean beefy motor mounts, and the neat install of everything makes this the best looking board in my opinion. Even the internals are laid out so neatly. These guys are perfectionists.

Noise: It’s on par with all other belt driven boards I’ve had, but not as quite as hub motors obviously. I don’t mind the noise, and actually I don’t even hear anything except the wind noise after I go beyond 20 mph.

Remote: boosted is the gold standard here and if boosted board is a 10/10 then this would be 7/10. The remote they use is the generation 2 nano remote, pretty popular in the DIY world. It’s reliable and it does the job. You turn the power button on, push the throttle forward all the way and backward all the way to calibrate it, you then put it right next to the receiver on the board by the power button and turn the board on. It takes about 1-2 seconds to sync. You’re good to go. I personally still think nothing can match the boosted remote. This does the job though, but it’s probably the weakest point in the board. The good thing though is, if you mess the remote up you can just buy a new one and it will sync with the board the exact same way. The remote syncs by proximity and once synced it stays connected w/o issue. Nothing to write home about, but it just plain works. Have to be careful with it since there is no deadman trigger. Note that the reverse function is turned OFF so you can’t accidentally hit that button while riding.

Throttle/breaking refinement: You will not get thrown off on this board from touchy braking or harsh acceleration, the acceleration and braking curves are smooth and controllable. There is a lot of power, but it is managed well. One thing to keep in mind is that it is a belt drive, so when you’re going higher speed and you let go of the throttle quickly, there will be slight resistance from the belts so you have to be prepared for that. Also due to the way the VESC works brakes can lock up at very slow speeds (i’m talking like 0-3 mph maybe), it doesn’t effect anything in anyway. I usually stay on the board since the speeds it locks up at are so low.

Performance: With two censored 6374 190 kv motors, this board has endless power. I’ve hit a top speed of 33 mph on ECO mode (shown in video review). I still haven’t tested max speed though on full power. The thing is though, I like riding this board at 18-25 mph and just carving up the roads. Those are exactly the speeds they recommend you ride at as well. The board flies up any hill pretty much, if you’ve got steep hills this will make short work of them. I’m 140 lbs and I only have small hills because I’m mostly in a flat area, I think I can get up everything where I am in ECO mode with 1/2 throttle. More impressive though is how manageable the power is. Oh and they also include a 16t motor pulley in case you want more torque.

Carving: this is where this board shines more so than most other e-skates. The only other esk8 I liked for carving was evolve, but that had other issues. This board has a different feel from other esk8s, it uses MBS matrix 2 trucks and these are completely different than any board I’ve ever ridden. The trucks are SUPER wide, you can see how far apart those huge motors are from each other. They also don’t have bushings like traditional trucks, they use these big blocks called “shockblocks” instead. The combination of the wide flexy arched concave board with these trucks make these board feel more like a surfboard than a skateboard. You really have to use your body, core, and legs all together to get those deep carves. It will feel like riding a surfboard. It’s also hard to get speed wobbles on this board because of the wide trucks and the “shockblocks”. So the board carves amazing at low speed, and yet is stable when riding at higher speeds. This takes surfing the streets to a new level.

Airline travel: Don’t even think about

Water resistance: Kind of, I believe it is water resistance but not water proof. But my advice would be to keep it away from water. I wouldn’t let this board get anywhere near water. You spend almost 3k on a board, at the first sign of rain I’m running for cover and calling an uber. I always double check weather before riding. I would never get this beauty muddy or wet.

Price: $2300 for the DSS60 or $2600 for the DSS50+. My recommendation would be the DSS50+ for longer battery life and slightly longer range. But if you can only get the 30q pack, that one will be great also I’m sure.

Terrain capabilities: Although this may look like a mountain road, this board is designed for STREET use only. It will go over rougher roads better than any other electric skateboard of course. But don’t try it offload and definitely don’t jump curbs if you want to keep that enclosure looking pretty.

Ground clearance: No issues here as long as you are riding on streets. Don’t take it off curbs. If you’re jumping on it aggressively the enclosure may touch the ground. Normal riding on the roads should be fine. Motors are pretty high off the ground.

Resale value: Should be excellent. This board will only grow in demand.

Deck: Perfect, WIDE, springy flex, side to side concave, slight arch, lifted front and back to lock in your foot if needed, and comes with grip tape only where you need it so you don’t cut yourself up while grabbing the board. A++ on this deck they developed.

Freeroll: Not so good, it’s two huge belts so I wouldn’t expect it to roll too well. You won’t need to kick push this board hopefully though.

Comparisons to other boards: I’ll just say that this and onewheel XR are my two favorites. If you want comparisons to a specific board, let me know and I can reply in comments. Here are boards I’ve had in the past or have ridden: boosted board (all generations), evolve GTX AT, enertion raptor, LHB custom build, metroboard, one wheel plus and XR, backfire G2s, inboard M1, meepo board (rode in parking lot only), and Yuneec Ego. A few people have done comparisons with the Kaly NYC and all preferred the comfort of lacroix, also two sold their Kaly NYC for the Lacroix.

Cons: I always try to find negatives on a board, and on this board it was tough. The remote isn’t the greatest quality, but it does its job reliably. I also think the tires on the Evolve are better than the ones that are on this board, the valve stem angle makes it slightly awkward to fill air. The valve stem may also be keeping the tires a bit unbalanced. Other Lacroix owners have suggested balancing beads. My board had no quality control issues, but these could be a potential con (belts not being aligned, screws not being fully tightened, etc). I would suggest everyone go over their board when they receive it, I did and mine was okay as it came. Screws holding the enclosure could be more robust, I fear that they will loosen over time or could strip…I make sure they are finger tight after every couple of rides.

Pros: literally everything, Alex’s responsiveness and helpfulness, the ride quality, the power, smoothness, comfort, aesthetics, surfy feel and the best carving you will experience, long range, the speed if you want, and on time delivery!

Summary: In 3 years of buying electric skateboards, this is the one that is my favorite. I think the guys at lacroix have the right formula: exceptional service and responsiveness, production and logistics figured out, on time deliveries, and an excellent high end product. If you are looking for the best of the best and can spend over $2000, this is it. I have finally found my perfect board. There is nothing that I want improved really for now on my board, I just want it to keep working the way it is right now. If it does, I’ll be riding this for a while.

This is currently the best board out there by far in my opinion, get it now if you can.


Great review I did a range test on my dss50+ the other day.
From fully charged to fully drained I was able to get 30 miles out of it falling 3 miles short of making it back home :joy: I kept it between 20-25mph the whole time.
Gotta say. Kick pushinng this damn thing suxs lol but it was still a good experience and im very pleased with the range Btw. I run evolve knobbies set at 37psi with me weighting in at 155+ lbs.


Were evolve tires easy to swap in? I’m fine with the stock tires for now. I think they still have to send out spares when they have the parts.

It’s a direct n easy swap
Evolve tires fit better than stock tires as a matter of fact One thing for sure is that evolve tires look better and last longer than stock tires but are also pricier

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I’m at around 300km on the Lacroix and weight 225lbs. On the whole my perspective is positive and similar to yours, a few things I would note.

DSS60 vs DSS50+: As you said yourself you can’t hit the full range of the Sanyo pack. Even at my weight I’m getting 38km of range out of the Samsung pack, the only situation when I rode the entire battery was when I really wanted to test the total range the board would give me. It’s nice to have more but I’d say that in reality for most people either pack would work. When you upgrade to the DSS50+ you are trading 60 x 30q cells + $300 for 50 x Sanyo 20700b cells - I think it’s worth consideration since it’s only 20% extra range (for me 38km would became 45km). PS: I believe the DSS60 pack is 648wh, not 666.

Deck: For average or bellow average height I bet the deck is perfect, but If you are tall the deck is just a bit short to give you a comfortable wide enough stance so I always find myself trying to find more length on the deck, I usually have to put my front foot on the raised part of the deck. If you compare with a boosted or evolve for example they would both allow for a wider stance than the Lacroix. The deck length is not a deal breaker but definitely a con for me.

Ground clearance: I’m not sure if it’s because of my weight but my carbon fiber enclosure already has at least 6 scratches on it, all from riding on the road. The enclosure is very close to the ground, which makes it a nice ride, but every now and then you can’t dodge a stick, a larger rock and etc, specially if you are carving aggressively and the edge of the enclosure gets closer to the ground.

I’d also say the customer service is the best I’ve seen (I’d give it 10/10) so far and I’m impressed with it. The product by and large is excellent and it’s very easy to recommend the Lacroix.

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Deck length isn’t an issue for me, i’m 6ft tall. Maybe it depends on the rider, I also ride a onewheel where my feet are like a foot apart from each other next to the wheel. So I’m used to it. I can see the enclosure scraping the floor for heavier riders though, but for me this isn’t an issue.

The lacroix is a great product, and more like that may come in the future. But the main reason the lacroix will continue to be the most recommended board is because of customer service and on time delivery.

After almost 2000kms I can definitely back up the review and especially the Customer Service claim. I was able to get answers from @Arch and @pat_arch at almost any hour of the day and @JohnnyMeduse welcomed me in the workshop for checkups and adjustments on very short notices. All of them were very generous with their time and answered all my questions.

There are a lot of variables into making the perfect deck and everybody will want it dialed in differently. When you want flexibility, perfect length, 90 degree turning and carving capabilities, deep concave, choices have to be made. My point of view on it is that this is a carving deck at its best. I don’t know why Trampa would have something called the urban carver, the only thing that thing carves is the edges of curbs because of that huge turning radius. In that regard, the LaCroix’s length is ideal keeping in mind that the magic speed is somewhere around 25-35km. Sure it can zoom by at 55/h but I would take “slow” and fun anyday over fast and straight. I wouldn’t mind having a deeper concave and a hint of a W groove below my feet but I wouldn’t want to give up the cloud like bounce. It’s so much more than just a method of transportation, it’s a dance, it’s art! If you want boring and fast A to B take the metro - or any other rigid plank on wheels.


100 miles in about and so far so good. Bought @twan telematics app (for iOS only), worth it for $3. Now I can see battery percentage etc.

I’m interested in both the One Wheel XR and Lacroix but only have the finances for one. I know you said Lacroix was your favorite board at the moment. Can you go more in detail on that? Specifically in comparison to the One Wheel XR


Good question @sanct Two totally different things. I have both. It would really hard to pick one between them.

Lacroix is more of a board for dedicated riding and fun. It has ridiculous range, amazing carving, cushy ride, confidence inspiring brakes, and such smooth yet fast acceleration. It’s so stable though, so you feel really safe on it. It will destroy onewheel on roads and can go literally twice as fast as I do on the onewheel. Keep in mind that this is strictly a street board. For thrill the lacroix wins. it has a surfy feel where as the onewheel has a snowboard-ish feel. You also can’t nosedive or lose balance on it as easily as you can on the onewheel, but this is a moot point because once you are adept at the onewheel that’s not an issue. I would also say you would have to treat the lacroix with more care, because of the enclosure at the bottom. Don’t want to get that damaged or scraped up.

OW XR is way more maneuverable, i can take it through the tightest areas and make sharp turns no issue. This is something the lacroix cannot do. I also can’t ride the lacroix in a crowd, whereas the OW you can ride as slow as you want and can work your way around people in crowded areas. The OW also can go on trails, grass, and offroad. The lacroix cannot. Onewheel can go down (and up if you are good) curbs, the lacroix cannot. For quick errands I’d grab the onewheel, as hard as it is to carry the lacroix is even harder and the footprint/size of lacroix is too big to bring it inside places. For exploring a city? Onewheel wins. Onewheel is NOT for speed at all, in fact for most people I’d recommend keeping it under 15 mph to avoid nose dives and injury. If you follow this it’s pretty safe, if not you will break something (I broke collar bone going above 19 mph).

Cost wise both are about the same, my onewheel XR has about $2300 total spent it after accessories (fender, float side kicks, float plates, cobra pad, handle, plug cover, and more…). The lacroix starts at 2300, but I have the sanyo one which was 2600. Onewheel will be delivered quickly, lacroix will take longer.

The community for both boards is amazing (active fb groups for both), but onewheel of course has a much bigger user base.

Customer service response time is better with lacroix, onewheel is slower but they do get to it eventually is what I’ve gathered.

You will get more attention with the onewheel, it just looks like something out of the future. The lacroix you will get some attention also, but you’ll be moving too fast for them to even notice it :smile:

If I had to sum it up, I’d say the onewheel is way more versatile while the lacroix is best street electric skateboard out there. For mellow floaty carving on sidewalks/roads/grass/wherever at speeds of 2-16ish mph get the onewheel XR, range is 20 miles on the XR for my weight which is plenty. For tearing up the streets in comfy style and having the best board around, get the lacroix.


Received my complete DSS60 last week

Installed 200mm tyres as tested by @grozniy with 16 teeth pulleys for some cool off road freeride away from hard asphalt and crazy cars

Compared to my other builds, especially the fantastic undestructible eMTB build from @Yann, who is using also matrix 2 trucks, the power was surprisingly low. After exchanges by email with @Arch who is always very helpful and reactive, thanks Alex!!, I decided to install the latest @Ackmaniac fw and adjust motor and sensors parameters and ppm mapping.

Now the board is awesome both on road and on grass, gravel, soil tracks! Perfect balance of control and torque, stability and carving, size and flex of the deck (could be a little longer).

Little cons : the enclosure fixation screws are fragile and a pain to open and close. Installing Bluetooth connection with the focboxes is mandatory (thanks again to Nico @Ackmaniac)

Merci Lacroixboards !!! Fantastic job


Did you like the tires?

I do not know that my Lacroix could turn on this bike path with pneumatics:

Yet FWIW I turn around in the street, every day, on my Kaly-tuned Trampa.


Solid review! Great detail

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Size provides confort and ground clearance but traction on grass and mud is not so good. Need to do more tests and comparison with the right motor settings to confirm. Is it your opinion?

In comparison with stock road tires, the traction is much better. Road comfort for me is the same

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I did more AT rides in the forest with the Lacroix. I had to tighten wheel drivers and adjust (losen) belt tension to avoid mechanical noises and cracks. It may also help avoiding soil accumulation in the belts? Also reduced tyre pressure to a viable minimum. Concerning vesc programming for offroad in current mode, i discovered it is very important to activate “traction control” to avoid one wheel spinning like crazy when loosing adherence in hills with wet grass or slippery soil. That being done, the deck flex and size combined with the matrix 2 trucks is massive fun :joy::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What parameters did you change (from, and to what) ?

I’d be interested to see if I could replicate these on my own board with focboxs


Screenshot_20181104-081848 Nothing special but traction control activated with 3000rpm max difference The rest is standard : Foc mode Current no rev brake Careful/repeated motor detection and hall sensors mapping Battery is 10s6p 50a max - 20 min Motor are 6373 with 62/16 ratio and 200mm wheels 80a max - 50 a min Ppm curve with negative exponential on acceleration.

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what is the length of the Lacroix deck?