Lacroix motors won't run after "fault_code_over_voltage"

Went over a bump and it was over, no brakes no acceleration. front headlights went NUTS as well… The board turns on but there is no power going to the motors.

Its a stock lacroix lonestar from October 2020 with stormcore 60d

I opened the enclosure and reconnected the main power cable from the sentinel board.

I was told the max motor amps for the motors is 90A. the stock is 75A, I’ve had it bumped up to 80-82 for the past month since i got it. Recently, 2 days ago, I change the ‘motor thermistor’ setting value to 100,000 as instructed by Lacroix support to see if it can fix a weird skipping/slidding issue i was having(it did fix it)

Any tips are highly appreciated, thanks.

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Over voltage faults are normally caused by bad connections, so the energy in the motors has nowhere to go.

If this energy gets high enough and still cannot find a way back to the battery, it can damage the electronics driving the motors.

Your fault dsecription is a bit like saying: “my car won’t run, I had previously been driving fast, I recently changed the cup-holder”. Nothing you describe should have caused that issue (aside from the bump you went over)

Chances are you have damaged your Stormcore, and this will need to be repaired or replaced.

Likely cause of this is a loose connection in your battery pack or to the ESC, so it sounds like it really needs a good inspection and service before you put a working ESC back in there.

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Thanks for info.

I’ve posted to the FB group with some videos of what’s pressing the throttle and the board charger clicking every 10 seconds and not actually charging. -

When i plug the board in and connect the stormcore app, each time the battery clicks(every ~10seconds) there battery/voltage changes values from 0% to 95%battery and 27V to 49V.

The LEDs on the stormcore light up and there is a current noise made when I apply throttle but no movement to motors. I have a multimeter coming today and im also waiting on lacroix support to get back to me.

Going forward now im very hesitant on riding this board…I’m extremely lucky that it happened where it did only going 25km/h because I ride fast I thought shit like this only happens on evolve boards

Is the stormcore permanently damaged or is it simply just a loose connection?

Until the fault can be found, we still don’t know what the resolution to the issue may be.

I suggest you try to isolate the problem, as you may get better advice if you can prove if different parts work or not.

Does the charger work normally if the stormcore is off or unplugged? Can you unplug the motors and see if it’s still clicking?

From your description, I’m thinking there could be a short circuit somewhere.

All things can be broken when they are vibrated and chucked around as much as a skateboard. I hope you can get good support from lacroix, since you are using the product within specifications, and it’s less than a year old, I hope they will help you get skating again.

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The charger appears to be working normally when the board is powered off. scratch that my dumbass forgot reconnect the battery when i tested the charger. It does the exact same clicking when the board is powered off.

I got a multimeter, watched a 10-minute tutorial and this is what I got. Streamable Video

not sure what im doing wrong or if the battery is fried. the meter works fine on AA/ 12V batteries i tested. *Update - i dont think i made proper contact with the gold before. I got a reading of 39.6V from the battery cable

I’m eagerly waiting for a reply from lacroix. I just bought this less than 4 weeks ago preowned that was purchased in September 2020. Lacroix should still offer support even tho i’m not the original owner, right?

Woah there.Multimeter training required!!

You are in current mode (that’s cos you plugged into the 10A socket). In that video, you were basically attempting to short circuit your battery, it will have blown the 10A fuse inside your meter, and not read current until that fuse is replaced (no big loss this time). I guess you figured it out in your update, when you got a sensible reading from your battery in the end.

So how did isolating the fault go? There are only a few components in this skateboard, which one’s work together and which don’t.

Can you check the Battery & charger is working without the ESC(Stormcore) connected?

(also I’d like to see some pictures of that Red PCB with the connector and fuse, for personal reasons :wink:)

kinda hesitant to touch anything else at this point.

here’s a closeup video of the electronics - Streamable Video

Good call.

I did see something in your video that worried me, it looked like the main power cable was cutting against the side of the BMS

If this had worn through the insulation, that would be bad.

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good looking i think i’ll add some silicone adhesive glue for protection

Here what the bms app is showing

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Surely, you don’t need me to tell you that ain’t right…

That plug with all the white wires, next to the red cable you’ve been messing with, if that was half unplugged, that would easily explain what you are seeing (on the left image).

The right image shows that it has seen a few concerning faults, I think your battery pack probably needs a decent inspection before any more riding. It may be something has come loose there that is causing the issue. Considering what has happened, the BMS, ESC and battery all need to be checked as any of them may be damaged, hopefully finding one issue will resolve it, but it’s possible that any of these three are damaged and may need attention. You may want to find someone that has more experience working with battery packs to help out, as they will know how to test them and find if there is an issue.

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I’m periodically getting different values on the packs. In this image, the right side is when I had the charger connect. - Capture3322 — ImgBB

When you mentioned the image on the right had a few concerning faults; I noticed when plugging the charger in those clicks that occurred every 10 seconds was adding 1 to the “Single cell undervoltage times” and “Single cell overvoltage times” . It got up to like 15, I don’t really understand this but obviously shit isn’t right.

Lacroix said in the latest email about worse scenario i can mail it in for repair. I’m waiting to hear back i sent them the BMS screenshots.

Man this has been the complete opposite experience i was expecting. Bought this 4 weeks ago preowned, 150miles total; and im not even 1,000km in. Our 6 months of winter is approaching in the near future and i’m trying to minimize the time lost right now; which is leaving me dumbfounded on what to do. Do i send the board back to the previous owner, let lacroix help or just buy a fucking brand new LS SS, which has a 7-8 week wait time which doesnt help and is $2k more than I want to spend but if it ensures a fully working board then so be it.

My suggestion would be to help Lacroix help you repair this one.

This board has some strange and unexpected behavoiur. As the orignial builders they will have the best access to spares and ability to repair it back to a good and trustworthy condition.

If you can send it back to them easily, this will be the quickest (and likely cheapest) way to get it running again. I don’t think what you’re seeing can be easily fixed by you, so the sooner it goes to the professionals, the sooner it’ll be rolling again.

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Found the issue, ones of the battery packs’ red wires were completely separated from the solder connection

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Link doesn’t show anything except a facebook group’s rules.

Glad you found the problem!