Lambo's new supercar

Never mind that it has a self healing body. Disregard that it features hub motors which glow during operation. What I’m interested in, and what I think would be interesting to the forum, is that they aren’t using batteries, but instead supercapacitors.

wow. wonder the range. or watthours and its weight and volume. this is for the super rich guy commuting a short distance I fear. super cool

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They talk more about the supercapacitors in this article. Totally a rich guy low miles kind of super car. Not your average guy going on a long road trip in a mid priced lambo supercar type of supercar.

if you find the watthours and its weight and volume please post it. I wonder but I think I could trust their numbers more than any numbers by any eboard companh

I would think whatever the power to weight ratio is for their supercapacitors would blow traditional esk8 batteries out of the water. I’ll keeping searching!

I’ll take two, please

haha. you could rocket to the corner store at 190 but no juice to get back I suspect. maybe the tech has gotten more energy dense.

Just buy concept one from rimac if you want this kind of stuff

group buy maybe?

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@Acido Sadly they are all sold out. There are rumors that there will be a Concept_Two but we will have to see. Maybe lambo will knock on Rimac’s door asking for parts and tailor made software solutions, but i doubt it since they are working with MIT i think they will be just fine. Oh and if anybody want’s to check out the car here it is:

There will be more of them in the future for sure they kill every other car maker they wont stop just like thay

I was doing research on possibly running an e-sk8 off of supercaps, the problem is the size of the caps. They are lighter than li-ions, but they take up so much room. its going to be hard to even fit a 100wh capacitor bank.

A super light board for just going down the street would be awesome if it had a mains AC plug attached to it, and didn’t need a separate charger brick

how bout a capacitor board? how hard would that be to make compared to making a battery board? surely both a feat but maybe easier to make the cap board. anyone have a design for either!? haven’t seen that yet. DIY danger all over it.

It’s wayyy easier and safer to wire up a bunch of caps together, the problem is the ammount you would need, and finding space for all of them.

It would charge super quick aswell.