Landwheel L3-X Issues

Here is a little context before I present my current issue. I received one of the Landwheel L3-X units from @Landwheel and it has been absolutely great! I’ve probably got about 50 miles on it now, on varied road terrain. The wheels are starting to take a beating but they are holding up alright. I’m still working on gathering data to make a full review on here, but I ran into an issue this week.

The issue started off simple enough and didn’t seem like a problem at the time. Occasionally the power would cut out on the board and it would just go into free-roll. I thought that was a little strange, so I checked the battery connections and stuff and it seemed fine. It ran okay for a few days after that, with the occasional dropout. However, it got worse, to the point where I would have to re-seat the battery several times before I could turn on the board again.

I checked the battery terminals and they seemed like they had little wear marks on them from the vibrations, so I bent them just slightly to make better contact with the battery. It seemed to run okay for another day, and then the day after that, it shut off altogether. Now, every time I turn it on, the light on the power switch comes on for a second and then switches right off. I can’t figure out what it is, no amount of reseating the battery will do anything.

I opened it up briefly but I couldn’t see any visible issues in the wiring. I have suspicions that it may be the power switch? Anyone have some insight into this? @Landwheel is there anything I should be checking on specifically? @Mikenopolis Ever seen this problem on one of yours?

I can post a video of the behavior if necessary.

Does the entire board turn off???

Yeah it seems to. But the issue now is that it will not turn on at all, I press the button, it shows light for a half-second and then shuts off again.

Look like something is probably blown on the esc, and since is potted in epoxy, there little to do.

Is the battery still charging, and what is the voltage if you check with a multimeter ?

Well I thought the battery was full, because when I plug it into the charger, it is already green, but it appears that the battery is sitting at 34.7V, which is a bit low (dead basically) considering it is 10S…

Hmm… I don’t really wanna pry this apart if I don’t need to. It appears in this case that the battery might not be charging. Didn’t think to check the actual battery.

@Landwheel Is there any way you guys could send a replacement battery so I can keep testing?