Landwheel motor loose magnet help!

Hello. I need help. I received a landwheel dual hub set from the Secret Santa, and one of the motors has a loose magnet inside, causing one of the motors to emit a “clicking” sound when it turns. I am wondering if there is anyone here I could send it to, to fix and test it. Thanks!

Why not glue the magnet back down?

using what? Id rather someone with more experience do it

Any good two-part epoxy should do the job. Just rough up the magnet and the motor housing a little with some medium sandpaper first to get a good bond.

ahh ok thanks. Do I epoxy between the housing and magnet? Do I completely remove the magnet?

I’d remove the magnet, sand the back of the magnet and where it goes, and then apply a thin layer of epoxy before putting the magnet back. Make sure it’s in the same orientation it was when it came out.

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Talk to @Hummie He has a lot of experience building hub motors.


Post a video turning the motor in a quiet room

OK 10 chars @Mikenopolis

Have you open the motor? Becausr it sound more like a busted bering.

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wouldn’t a busted bearing be harder to replace. I have just taken off the urethane, exposing the motor. I haven’t yet opened the motor. Ill do that tomorrow. Even if i turn it slowly it clicks

. if a magnet is loose glue it down with a two-part epoxy as said after some sanding and a cleaning with acetone and make sure its with its correct polarity facing out. Can you take some pics of the inside for posterity? the stator with the wire on it and it’s dimensions and also the magnet thickness and length. Would be appreciated! and threadlocker when you put it back together if it’s sealed with screws

If a magnet was busted, the magnetism should be enough to keep it clear from the rotating stator, so you should feel it and not hear it. Excep if it is only some shrapnel, then just remove them and you should br alright

like it makes a sound when it rotates on SPECIFIC points. I can also slightly feel it.

They only way you will get a final answer is by open it. Except if you have X-Ray vision…:thinking:

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I’d guess there’s a piece of debris in there stuck to one of the magnets. Might be a fragment of a magnet, or it might be some magnetic road debris that got in somehow.

If it’s a bad bearing, you just have to pull/push it out, and replace it with a new one. It may need some persuasion, either from a hammer or a press if you have access to one. When installing a new bearing, don’t pound on the race that isn’t touching the bore you’re trying to install it into, because you’ll damage it.

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ill do that tomorrow

Just kidding…

Time for a group guy :+1: