Landyachtz $100 mystery box

I see UPS. Their customs Office and me have an old friendship. 148$ to be taxed. I guess 80€

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I’ve a couple of pool boards and some art ones too, you can never have too many.

Throw em on the wall if not your thing right

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I have 5 LY decks already. 9 is ok isn’t it?


fmd thats tempting

I hope this is up in a week :V

I think a LY nativity scene in the BB household is on the cards this year

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I love you and I hate you for notifying me of this deal. Shipping to the US is even free. Gahhhh. Can anyone tell me if there is anyone who makes motor mount kits for this already on here?


It’s not clear what trucks they are throwing in grizzly, polar who knows? Surely won’t be long enough for dual unless mounted yingyan. Maybe the @dickyho V1s would work dunno…oh and the cheapo hobbyking may work

I search for bear mount and the word custom is popping up a lot. I guess using the parts from this mystery box would pretty much make an esk8 time machine all the way back to 2015 whooosh

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Well said. Thank you!

I feel a burning in my non existent wallet.


Group buy mystery boxes? :smiley:


I hear you, guaranteed a long and short board, the trucks will be narrow and weird bear profile, the wheels probably 63mm hawgs

But the two decks a T, some gloves and swag, nae bad. Still and all Xmas priorities so not for me

Don’t let me stop you though

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damn I would love to get one… But boy my trip is next week :smiley:


It would be great if anyone who gets into this does a secret Santa on the contents

ya know to tide us over since that thread is vaporizing now

What are the odds it would be a evo deck when you need one XD

Would you want to do a group buy?

I’m from dublin btw.

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Slim to none😂

Hi, see post #37 !

Ye doing like first real diy build and im leaning towards evo not prob worth the eu tax and all for the shit doe

I really doubt they are going to throw Evos in there, best bet is EU sales in Jan