Landyachtz Canyon Arrow | Lipo 8s2p 10A | VESC | BMS Charging

Main Parts ~ 700$






Secondary parts ~ 150$

Alternative parts:

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I plan to use 10s2p if I re pack 5 batteries. with 4 batteries I can do 8s2p.

Please dont answer questions if you have nothing useful or true to say.


What charger are you going to use for your 8s?

I have turnigy accucel 6. I wan’t though to charge with power supply through bms.

this went out funny. Is this correct?

I see one mistake, main balance wires should be 9 wires not 10

The diagram is more understandable now. the circuit is ok?


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I want the voltmeter to light up either when board is on or when charging. so I made this diagram, but it’s not good as the voltmeter will remain connected to the battery thru the charging circuit. Have any idea how to make this happen? Thanks.

gray wire is measurement input

EDIT: maybe I can use a diode?

Can help but ask whats the bluetooth for? Jacob’s app of something?

I don’t have a plan for it. it’s for future use, though I wouldn’t mind suggestions :slight_smile: