Landyachtz Evo, anyone ever use it?

Im thinking of getting a Landyachtz Evo or an Landyachtz Switch 35. I really like the Switch 35 better because of the size but the concave on that thing is insane. The Evo is kind of big for what I like to ride but Im thinking the cutouts will make it feel smaller.

Has anyone out there in the land of rocket powered murder boards ever ridden one of these? Alos, are the cutouts large enough for 6in (6 shooters) numies? Whats the deal with the weird ass angles on the cutouts?

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cough cough carvon evo

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I thought it looked familiar… @chaka, any insights on whether 6in numies, AKA @psychotiller 6 shooters will fit on this deck without modification? And what are the weird angles on the cutouts about? I assume its a “more stable at speed” kind of thing, but would love some clarification.

Almost 98% positive my six shooters will fit this deck with 200mm+ trucks.

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Im rethinking the spud 29. I don’t think I can make the surfrodz, even with 80mm axles, work. The risers would need to be massive to avoid wheel bite.


Keep it for me…

Ill pay full price for it in a week or two

Why? I thought you’d already gotten one?

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:cry: no

I cut an offbrand one with the thought of upgrading sooner rather than later

OK, Ill have it waiting for you if I don’t use it.

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Yeah the negative angle on the rear will make the trucks more stable. Where the positive angle up front adds a bit more turning ability to the front trucks.

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Ahh, thank you sir. Nice to have that info. Do you sell the decks? I was about to pull the trigger at Nord, but Id rather buy it from you.

If you go with the Evo, make sure you run a 40° baseplate up front, or something similar. If you run a stock 50° plate you are going to want to dewedge, or it will feel terrible. No lean and your bushings will feel super hard


No I dont sell landy boards. The evo is a cool deck though, I think the R5 was it’s predecessor.


Well that sucks, I already have the trucks :). I guess I could use a flipped 10 degree riser and achieve the same geometry? I’ll admit, I had to lookup ‘dewage’ never heard it before, always called a reverse wedge in podunk Alabama :slight_smile:.

Years ago I bought an evo and enjoyed it a summer. I had 83 mm wheels and cast ronins on it. It was a speed machine with the turning radius of a bus. The steering is super indirect and the rear truck has a minimal steering angle. Quite cool going fast, but I didn’t like it for sliding. It makes similar sounds like an Evolve while sliding. Very unattractive imo. Switched to an Topspeed with the same trucks top mounted. It was much sharper and more agile. I haven’t used the evo since switching because the topspeed is more fun to me while doing downhill. Imo the Evo could be a great eboard for commuting and ridicules speeds.

Ive got a top speed, love the deck. I just want something that I can use with 6 shooters that will stand up to some punishment, but its gotta have a decent turn radius. Did you change the geometry at all?

Please buy the whole Carvon Evo and sell me the motors and stuff. You can have the deck :smile:

The board is just north of 100 bucks, that leaves a lot to sell … And if I got my hands on carvon v4s I’d HAVE to keep them :grinning:


Yeah that will work! Excessive wedge angles can be tricky but are totally doable. About 10° on cast trucks shouldn’t be a problem at all. With precision baseplates, anything past 5° can be annoying to get mounted. The key is getting your bolts to bend slightly, or modifying the deck a bit to accept the angle. I’m actually running a -17.5° custom angled riser on my e-sk8 with precision plates; I had to put a drill bit in the truck holes and cock it back to give them an angle, so the bolt is perpendicular to the angled plate

The wedging up front on the Evo is +15°. With 50° Calibers, that would put you at 65° (gross!). The deck was actually designed around the old Randal DH trucks (35° baseplates)

I prefer 50° up front, but 47~52° is a good angle in my experience