Landyachtz Evo vs switch

As topic says. I wanna decide which is better for my build. Evo vs switch.

Completely different decks for completely different purposes.

I almost always recommend against split-angle setups, simply because most people don’t reach fast enough speeds to warrant a split angle configuration (which neuters the board’s carving characteristics at low speed). If you’re pushing 40mph, get an Evo/Subsonic Talon (I prefer the Talon). If you’re not going that fast, get the Switch or something else.


Finding an enclosure for the switch might be a bit of a struggle. There are a lot of options for the evo, and a large amount of builds here to look at and see others ideas. Why not be different though!

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I had similar dilemma over chosing evo or switch. Went for switchblade 40 tiger. Ground clearence is decent, just gotta watch speedbumps and what not. Very stable board at 30+. Has tb 12s4p under deck.20180608_13081320180608_130822


I just ordered this deck, but I only have 97mm wheels at the moment. I am thinking about canceling my order because of this ground clearance issue. What kind of monster wheels do you have on that?

Those are diyeboard 6" airless tires. If you are 185lbs or more they work well, if you are lighter they can actually deform and come off the rim at 30mph so you have to ziptie them to the hub, bit i really really like the comfort on mine