Landyachtz TopSpeed 34" & 36" for only 130€ in EU!

just stumbled over this - think its a great bargain for a really great board. it has a very comfortable and great locked in feel and reacts very well to sanding off 1-2 plys for some medium flex!

and a switchblade 40" for the same price …but I want 36" :’(

want to add: the topspeed is actually discontinued since 2015, so these are the last ones - even the cooler looking 2014 models!! the topspeed is already pretty rare and gone from most shops! :fearful:

It’s a bit pricey, but if it’s like you say discontinued. Go for it!. I’ve got a Landyacht for 2 years now. Very happy with the quality !

I got a topspeed myself and this is 30€ cheaper than the cheapest price I have ever seen. just shared this for others, its a great board! :slight_smile:

ordered a 40" switchblade right now. thx @whitepony for this link. I also added 2 boards which were listet at 0CHF (link) to my cart, I’m corious what happens with them :money_mouth: they would be nice birthday presents :money_mouth:

Thanks for posting this :slight_smile: Coulnd’t hold back and ordered a 34" top speed. The convenient fact that the store is actually in my country did the trick :smiley:

I own the top speed 36 and love it.

don’t hype this too much, maybe I wanna buy a topspeed in a year or so :money_mouth:

I ordered the 36" one more time - 130€ incl shipping is really cheap and my very first topspeed (my first DIY board) is quite messed up from all the modifications, channels, routed areas and sanded plys. :yum:

still got kegels & caliber 44s left from all my builds, so could have a normal board right away. some day I planned to build a 4WD world speed record board - who knows, maybe it will be that one. :innocent:

I have have the 34" version and it is a a killer deck, both in looks and function. You’re right though hard to find these now. It took me 6 months to find mine.

However, for anyone in Australia that is interested, I am considering selling my topspeed (slated for my new build). I’ve come across a Jet board with a micro kick that I am really tempted to use instead. I’ll post it up for sale soon or PM if your interested.

Thanks @whitepony for pointing this out. Haven’t had this shop on my radar-screen so far. Seems to have a decent selection on board related stuff. @philipp, wow, another Swiss esk8er. Where are you based?

Berne! 10char

topspeed arrived today, I just threw all parts at it that I still had everywhere in my room: transparent and really old vicious grip (removed old crappy LY stock, underneath that was a white coating wtf, wanted to see wood colors so I sanded that forever and ever, finally drilled my new mounting holes further out to the edges like on my first topspeed). then slapped my old unloved kegels (with ADS pulley still attached and quite worn out abec biltins) and OMG, FULLY PIMPED CRONINS that I always wanted to try out but never had a board for. spend an evening riding down the few hills that we got and woa, these cronins are really supersmooth :heart_eyes:

p.s.: pushing sucks :sweat_smile: