Laotie H2C upgrade - few questions

Hello everyone,

i’m new here and i’m new in E-skateboard world. I bought Laotie H2C few months ago and now it’s time to upgrade it. Generally it’s great board for the price but I would like to increase range and power.

For to range:

currently, there is 10S4P 10Ah 36V battery so I ordered the same and I will just connect it.

For the power:

I thought about ordering more powerful motors, for example: Flipksy 3500W. But i’m not sure if they work fine with current driver. In my current setup, motors have only three wires. In flipksy motors there is additional white connector, why? Do I need to upgrade the driver as well? For example to Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 or 4.2?

Thank you so much for any help.

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, Filinsky.

The extra connector is for the sensor wires. I dont have enough experience to tell you if that particular esc will play nice with those motors. But I do know that sensored motors do not necessarily need a sensored esc to run.

I’ve recently migrated here from The Rc hobby and many Rc setups rely on back emf for timing rather than hall sensors.

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Well if you want to get more range and power esc and battery is best place to start. Current esc is pretty well matched with those motors.



I’ve ordered Flipsky remote VX2 and Flipsky dual FSESC 4.2.:

I keep current battery, motors, plug in port and turn on button.

Do i need anything else to make it run? For example i don’t see any place to connect antenna in the pictures of remote receiver.

Sorry if noob questions, beginnings are hard :slight_smile:

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Remote will plug into uart port. Make sure you run it through vesc tool. It’s not out of the box ready to go. Configuration is needed.


Thanks for the tip! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve seen there are some tutorials of vesc tool but if you have your favourite I would be glad if you can share.


Favorite what? Just load vesc tool and run setup wizard.

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