Larger than 97mm thanes? Is there such a creature?

I have been running 97mm flywheel clones and I am pretty happy with them. However, for rough roads in my area, a bit larger would be great for cracks in the road and potholes. Yes of course I could simply avoid them…easier said than done! I have tossed around the idea of pneumatics and with the cost along with the decreased range I would rather keep running thanes. Does anyone have any experience with wheels larger than 97mm? I know mbs make the 100mm AT wheels but I do not like the bumpy ride they produce along with the fact they lose traction easier on asphalt.

ABEC makes a 107mm wheel… pricey but big

I was aware they made them but haven’t seen them in stock in months! Know of any for sale?

You guys should ask @ChrisChaput :grin:

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From what I’ve read on the history of downhill there is a upper limit to wheel size. People at that time pushed wheel size to the max and found that when you go to big the wheels simply take to long to reach speed.

I’m guessing a eskate can handle larger wheels because of the motor. But you could end up with a similar problem. Gearing could help.

Marbel designed the 101S but with a bigger core and less urethan so there is less weight SlickRevolution do have a 110mm Rough Stuff Wheels, I think thats the biggest longboard wheel and they are heavy 630g compared to 336g of a 97mm Flywheel


I sent him a pm waiting for a reply.

We met up with Chris yesterday and goofed around. All I can say is “the truth is out there” Can’t say much more :grin:


Well this tells me so much… Not! :sob::sob::sob:

@psychotiller his mush range will I lose by going pneumatic?


You’ll lose a little. Not enough to even complain about though with 6" pneumatics.

As far as the urethanes go. Wait for the 107’s. It will be worth it.


So 107’s or pneumatics… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Well, there’s a fortunate few that are going to be doing both! Not naming any names heehee

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I wanna play!! Lol

Ur being very tight lipped about this not sure I like it…Spill the beans damn it.

Or is there like a NDA u signed with @ChrisChaput that would end in bodily harm if u said anything?

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Pneumatics are bad ass! Can’t even begin to tell you how fun it is riding mountain trails and fire roads on a longboard.

The 107’s seem unreal. I haven’t done much testing yet other than Chris’ wheelchair trailer yesterday. Buttery smooth!

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I’ll never be off-road, just shitty NYC roads!

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Then you better hunker down and be ready to pounce when the 107’s are available!


Are these legit? I also don’t need the 3mm pulleys.