Larger than 97mm thanes? Is there such a creature?

No more donuts? :fearful:

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Do you have a ballpark price and can you take my money???


Super secret spy pic from @mccloed’s garage.


I want I want I want lol


@ChrisChaput You are now next door to Carvon Jerry …guys please make Carvon v3 compatible with 107 flywheels !! :slight_smile:

About time that there is a 107 version that does not need to be hacked at or need custom pulleys.

Will buy as soon as it becomes available. :+1:


How about a group buy to EU and US, can’t wait to try them out


Awesome, I can easily wait another month or more. My body is ready.

Where would be the best source to get a hold of these once they’re available? Abec official store? Group buy here maybe?

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Can’t wait for the offset 107 flywheels!

BUT you can setup the existing dual w/ the right trucks, and simply buy longer screws to secure the wheel gear:

No hacking needed, no cutting/lathing the wheel thane back, etc. Just 70mm bolts vs 50mm in most 40t gear kits.

If you want dual 6374 then you need wider trucks, but spaced out properly i think you could fit dual 6354 - i’ll try to test to confirm. But the wheel gear (hardest part) is actually easily doable w/ 40t gear, and longer bolts.

This is AWESOME! Can’t wait for these to become available. Also like the idea for a group buy or intro discount to the community! (hint hint).

These look slimmer than the current 107 e-flywheels - correct? That might help with the weight, which is not insignificant:

(1.29lb ea x 4 = 2356g/5.19lbs!) Would love a “slimmer” 107 option. Best of both worlds especially at 74a duro! I’m a 97mm flywheel fan, so this will be awesome!!!

Look forward to more info when available!


If that 107mm Flywheel is 589 grams and its volume is 538,527 cubic millimeters and the SuperFly version is 464,005 cubic millimeters then the weight of the SuperFly is about 507.49 grams.

I’d consider a group buy.

Here’s a cross section of an Evolve 38T 5M HTD wheel pulley in a SuperFly.

I see no reason why these wouldn’t work on the Carvon V3. And speaking of the V3, I buzzed around on one yesterday and it feels awesome under foot. I had to adapt to the “free rolling” that comes with direct drive but there was nothing difficult about that … just different. And even though the 97mm Flywheels in 75a Classic felt amazing on Matt’s board (with the SurfRodZ TKPs), I have a feeling that the 107’s are going feel smoother still.

In a perfect world I’d want to make available 32T, 34T, 36T, 38T, 40T, 42T, and 44T 5M HTD pulleys for the 83mm, 90mm, 97mm, and 107mm Flywheels and SuperFly’s.


Here’s an overlay of the following three wheels:

Classic Centerset 97mm Flywheel (52mm wide / 44mm contact patch) Original Centerset 107mm Flywheel (76mm wide / 58mm contact patch) New Offset 107mm SuperFly (64mm wide / 55mm contact patch)

Yes, the SuperFly is “trimmer” so that it is 100% compatible with all of the existing Flywheel pulley adapters. The other sized offset SuperFly’s will also be compatible, but the profile of the wheel will be more like the BigZig HD’s than the Classic Flywheels. They will be little narrower at 62mm wide.


You’d consider a group buy??? I’m all ears from the Uk for an Eu group buy… (while were still actually in the EU.)


Let us know how we can setup a US group buy


I need a cigarette.

+1 for group buy.

And 44T pulleys sound fantastic.

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…plus the 110mm Rough Stuff Wheels are also harder, like 85a or something. Not to mention they come from the UK, with a price of $59… but shipment to the US of $79, ridiculous.

Do you have a rough ETA on when you will be able to start producing pulleys? Also for mounts as well for precision trucks.

About the pulleys, are you going to make the bolted on ones have spokes to go into the wheel spokes? It would be easier that way to align it straight as some times I have trouble with pulleys that has no spokes and is not flush with the hub wheels to get aligned perfectly.

Pullies are already available. As stated by Chris these are designed with an offset so whatever pulley you are currently using with work with these wheels. Give the whole thread a read it covers this.

I was not talking about whatever pulleys, I was talking about Chris’s own made pulleys that he plans to start selling along with more precision truck width options and mounts for his precision trucks.

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