Last check of my list do i need to change something?

Hi everyone i finally finished my parts list and for some reason it took me much more than i expected… I will put links for all the parts i found.

Lets start with trucks and and wheels:i will use (trampa infinity trucks2)=166€ and (superstar wheels4)=176€ For those who asking i already have a deck from my old longboard.

Also i need some (risers*4)=35.7€ every set has 2

My motor mounts will be from @Idea the 6.1 version i will link his post with the motor mount so u can see them.All the kit with pulleys and motor mount costs 280€

then of course we need the motors.i Chose from the alien powered systems some 2*(6384 170kv 80a motors)=208€

for my esc i am going to use the (focbox unity)262€

for battery i chose 2*(6s 20000mah 12c batteries)=354€ i will be running them in series

remote from alien powered systems costs 52€

and the last of the most important thing is the bms with a charger…i will use the bms only for charging the batteries i wont use the discharge.Its again from alien powered systems and costs 121€

in total without shipping is 1654€ if i made no mistakes but i will need cables a charging port a box an extra battery for the remote and some foot straps

charging port 15€

cables to connect my batteries to the bms…i could not find only one cable so i foung 10 of them:DD=11€

a box from a greek site 34€

extra battery for the controller 4.5€

and the foot straps they are not necessary but i want them.they cost 72€

the extras are 136€

I hope i did not forget anything if i did or if u think i need to change something tell i am glad to see your answers.also forgive me for my bad englis.

I already told you to forget about using your longboard deck with channel trucks.

Apparently you don’t listen, good luck with your build.

The deck is the easiest part to change…if i have any problems with the longboard deck i will buy another one;)

What about enclosure?

The box i mentioned from the greek site.i will mount it in the middle of the board between the foot straps

After a brief look through your history I couldn’t find it.

What is your deck?


Thats the box and my deck is 104cm in length and 24cm in width.i will sand the wood until it gets thin enough and then cover it with carbon.


Yeah sure but what is it.

What brand? What shape?

Does it not show up in photos? Is it a vampire?

:smile: i am looking for a photo of the deck.about the brand its from ebay…

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Let me link you this here. You might need it sooner or later.

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Well i cant find a picture of my deck but its just a longboard deck with a hole in front so u can mount the board lower to the ground not drop thru board

Is this 100%safe?

I linked it in case your motors start to lose their magnets.

Ooow ok thanks a lot😊