Last question. Need an Enclosure

So everything is coming in. I’ve made all the right corrections but will have to ship some things back like the 260kv motor. I’m running two 5000mah5s batteries in series to make a 10s battery. I have 4 5000mah5s batteries total so my idea was to make an enclosure that I’d be able to open and change the batteries. I bought 2 HXT series adapters so both battery packs will be ready to go. Is Tupperware the only option? I’ve seen a guy on YouTube do that but I’m not trying to invest this money and then it all goes to waste because of a shitty enclosure! Any ideas? Please help

Also are the 5s 5000mah batts with 20c discharge to weak to provide the amps I’d need? I just read someone saything that I won’t be able to go over 18mph with those batteries because of the discharge rate

Try this. Lots of options, and super cool guy. He makes them to order.

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